Musical Instruments Beginners Can Learn

Learning how to play a musical instrument can be eye-opening. There are so many possibilities where such a skill could take you. Apart from being a player, you can also end up being a composer. There are so many different instruments that you might be conflicted on what to learn first. Knowing where to start from can come in handy for most people. Here are some of the instruments you can learn to play as a beginner.


One of the common go-to instruments by beginners is the piano or keyboard. Although it might take a long time to become a master, learning the basics is fairly simple. The good thing about a piano is, even young children can learn the basics of playing it. There are free online classes and several tutors who offer one-on-one cases for anyone who might want to learn how to play the instrument.


One of the reasons why the guitar is a great instrument for beginners is, it is available in different sizes. Young children can learn how to play it without straining since the guitar will come in a size that fits them. The playing technique is also easy to master and costs out the frustration of remembering chord combinations.


Playing the saxophone is also a great idea for beginners because, just like the guitar, it comes in various sizes. The simplest saxophone for beginners to play is the alto saxophone. You can also get a Yamaha YAS-280 since many people recommend it for beginners. It is lightweight, which makes it suitable for use by younger saxophone players.


If you are thinking of playing a wind instrument but are afraid of the work that goes into blowing in a saxophone, the flute might just be for you. It is easy to blow into, and the keys are not so hard to learn. It is the most common wind instrument for young school children since mastering it is very easy. The instrument is compact and, therefore, easy to carry around. Children and adults alike can carry it alongside books or documents and take it out whenever they need to practice playing it.


If you want something fun and interesting to try out, then drums are definitely for you. They need a lot of hand and foot coordination to play, but the effort is worth it in the end. If you plan to buy them for younger players, ensure you get a smaller kit with lighter drumsticks. Even though the drums can be a bit loud, nothing beats the fun of mastering the art of playing it.


If you love strings, then the violin is a great choice for you. It comes in different sizes, with some being small enough for children as young as 3. One of the things you need to remember when playing the violin is, it takes patience. You might master the art of creating a tune but mastering the entire instrument takes time. You will have to be dedicated if you plan on laying it.

Learn how to DJ

If instruments are not your thing, then mixing might be. Over the years, there have been so many young DJs coming up, showing that it is an art that can be mastered. All you need is a good deck like the Pioneer XDJ-XZ or the Pioneer DDJ-400, and you are good to go. You can get classes online or enroll in a deejaying academy to learn the skill.

Musical instruments are a fun thing to learn. If you are interested in creating music, find out which instruments you can learn.