Ways To Protect Your Music Equipment Used For Hire

Having a business where you have musical instruments used for hire is very lucrative. It is a very desirable source of income anyone would love to have. But for the success of this business, having the pieces is just the tip of the iceberg. To be in the game, your instruments have to be in good condition; otherwise, you will run out of business. With that said, let us take a look at ways you can protect your equipment.

Protecting them while in your possession

Charity begins at home, right. So you should not expect anyone to take care of your Pioneer XDJ-700 if you do not do it yourself. And so the actions below are some of the ways to protect them while they are in your possession.

  1. Clean them

When you hire out your equipment, you have to make sure that you clean them once they get back. Hire a cleaning team that knows how to clean your devices so that they remain functional. Some may require opening, and that is why you need professionals who know what they are doing.

      2. Store them well

After the cleaning, make sure that they dry well and are after that stored appropriately. If they have casings, place them in, and lock them until the next gig. Fold the wires well and make sure all the peripheral components are well placed. And even in their cases shelter them from weather conditions since water and dust may still find their way inside the cases.

      3. Repair and service

Lastly, if you notice a tear on the wire of your Mackie Thump 12A, fix it promptly. This will keep your device in good condition for days to come. The same applies to breakages and loose screws and any other maintenance practice.

While they are at an event

Now, when they are off for a gig, you have entrusted their safety to someone else. And truth be told some people would not care since it is not theirs and so you have to do the following.

  1. Insure them

First things first, make sure that the moment you acquire them, you have them assessed for insurance. You will be at an advantage and in case of anything-theft, fire, flood and any other misfortune you are well compensated.

       2. State liability via contract

When they are out of your hands, there is very little you can do. In that case, draft a contract to place the liability on the people that have hired them. This way, they are compelled into taking care of the devices as if they were theirs.

     3. Have a watcher on ground

It is indeed true that you cannot always be there physically to keep an eye on your equipment, but who said you could not hire someone to do it for you? Whenever there is an event, make sure there is a person, preferably a technician watching over them. And in case of a malfunction, they are the only one attending to it. Know of the saying too many cooks spoil the broth? Well, it applies here also.

If you do all the above, we guarantee you decades in business with perfect musical equipment.