Musical Instruments That Will Make Your Productions Magical

Having a full studio is very costly, but remember the maxim you have to spend money to earn it back! Well, it is accurate, and that is why you find music producers all over the world going for the cream of the crop when it comes to instrumentation. Creating a masterpiece is not easy, ask Picasso.

On that same note of making great sounds, you will realize the best in the world create unique pieces. Some use specific sound effects while some us adlibs. But how do you think they got there? Of course skill and consistency and a quite obviously right choice in instrumentation. And that is the focal point of this piece. By the end, you will have an idea of what to get so that you can join the group of exceptional creators.

Instrument 1: High-quality miss

Imagine walking into a recording studio, and the producer hands you an earphone mic to record your piece, a joke right! First of all, each background noise will be captured, and the resulting piece will be a hot mess. Secondly, it seems highly unprofessional, don’t you think so! So if you are a producer in it for the long haul, go for something built for the purpose of recording like the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen. Great product for a clean sound.

Instrument 2: Excellent recorders

You will also need an excellent recorder for your instrumentals. And the Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen is right up your alley for this purpose. Sometimes ideas pop up when we least expect them, and so you need great recorders to save up the abrupt melody just thought of.

Instrument 3: Modern mixers

A modern mixer is yet another device you need in your collection. Mixers serve the purpose of integrating all the beautiful individual sounds you have been creating into one. Yes, they might sound great on their own, but imagine listening to them collectively! Literally, music to your ears. But beware, select a mixer that is compatible with all sound formats, and have significant input and output of the same, hence go with the modern ones already configured to do just that.

Instrument 4: Speakers

Headphones might do you right, but how will your clients get to hear their sound? You definitely need good speakers. Magical music must sound good on both small speakers and large loudspeakers alike. If there is noise in either, it must be fixed promptly. A great piece is the Mackie Thump 15A you can take a look at.

Instrument 5: Actual musical instruments

Nothing sounds better than raw guitar melody coming from a Fender FA-125CE or a Fender FA-115. The sound is rich, is in the right tones, and even the texture is felt. Straight from the source. Indeed if you are a small-time producer, you might not have the funding to get all these, and so look for instruments to fit the spectrum. Also, make sure to have a drum set, keyboard, trumpets, so on and so forth. Remember, sounds from the source sound way better than pre-recorded pieces. That is how unique pieces are made.

Want to make magic? Get the right gear!