Benefits Of Learning How To Play A Musical Instrument

Confucious once said, "Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without." Learning how to play a musical instrument has so many benefits besides bringing joy to you and those around you, enhancing your confidence and widening your social circle. It engages every part of your brain at once, with emphasis on the auditory, visual, and motor skills. Learning to strum those Paco Castillo at a young age is indeed better than learning when you're older, but it is never too late to start. It provides you with a body and mind work out like no other. Here are some great benefits that come with learning how to play a musical instrument.

1. Improving your memory

Research shows that both playing a musical instrument and listening to music stimulates your brain and increases your memory capacity. Learning how to play an instrument activates the parts of your brain that control your motor skills. For example, balancing, swimming, running, and so on. Other research also shows that it can help increase your IQ by as much as seven points.

2. Relieves stress

There's a calmness that comes with listening to music or playing a musical instrument. It has a unique effect on our emotions and is even proven to lower the heart rate and high blood pressure. Classical music is often beneficial when it comes to relieving stress. Sit on that Yamaha YDP 164 when you have a lot on your mind and play it all away.

3. Boosts your math, reading and comprehension skills

If you always have trouble solving mathematical problems well, here is some good news, playing an instrument can help with that. Learning how to play a musical instrument involves understanding acoustics whose basis is majorly mathematics. Furthermore, practicing on those intricate rhythmic patterns greatly enhances your reading and comprehension skills.

4. It teaches you patience

Patience is a great virtue, and nothing will teach you this, like playing a musical instrument. It is an art that requires a lot of dedication, effort, and patience. You can’t suddenly be a pro in your Guitarra Ibanez instrument in one month. It takes long hours of continuous practice to get the problematic notes right. For those who like quick and easy results, playing an instrument will bring you back to the reality of life.

5. Enhancing your respiratory system

You often hear music tutors telling their students to sing or blow their trumpets from the lungs. It is one of the key elements of making great music. Musicians often have breathing exercises to expel the air properly and achieve the desired sound. It, in turn, strengthens the respiratory system.

6. Improves your concentration

When playing a musical instrument, you must take note of the tune, rhythm, tempo, duration, and a couple of other things. Until you are focused, you cannot tune your Akai Keyboard to that perfect lead. It is an added advantage in applying this to other aspects of your life.

There are many more benefits that come with playing a musical instrument, no wonder they're used for the treatment of depression and even autism. Give it a try. It's definitely worth the effort.