Know The Myths Related To Pcos Issue.

Know The Myths Related To PCOS Issue.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome commonly known as (PCOS) is a very common condition these days. It occurs to women of the age group 13 to 45 who are ovulating. It is basically caused due to a hormonal condition. But it is very much curable. One can take ayurvedic treatment for PCOD, allopathy treatment, etc which can help to recover. 

However, there are multiple myths that have surfaced related to PCOS. In this article, we will help you to know about different myths which you must know related to the issue of PCOS.

Myths Related To PCOS

Myth no 1 is PCOS has occurred due to external issues. -  There is no proof that any external source is responsible for the PCOS conditions. Some scientists believe PCOS is caused due to genetic issues. Women who have issues with PCOS have higher values of androgen. This became one of the core symptoms of PCOS. Some scientists also believe insulin resistance is one of the major reasons which leads to PCOS.

 Myth no. 2 is losing weight can help you get rid of PCOS:-  It is not true. Losing weight can only help you to reduce the symptoms and nothing more can be achieved through it. Although losing weight is very helpful for a healthy lifestyle.  

Myth no 3 PCOS only affects overweight women:- No, this is absolutely false. Being overweight can make the situation of PCOS worse. However, there is no research available which says being overweight can lead to PCOS issues. 

Ayurvedic medicines can help one to recover from the issue and provide irregular period relief. Apart from it these also become one of the best home remedies for pcod.

There is nothing side effects. Certain medicines are 100% natural & are ayurvedic formulations developed with the right mix of the right kind of healing herbs. The medicines can be recognized as safe as related to consuming food. In several cases, ovarian drilling is done which is useless & also may cause infliction to the stroma (the connective tissue between the ovaries). Ayurveda does not suggest any surgery, irrespective of the extent of the cysts. It supports only non-invasive treatment and the cysts & ovaries are treated within specific remedies (refer to the question on the line of treatment)

Yogveda Health Care is one of the brands which provides Ayurvedic medicines for PCOD. Our medicines Yogyavardhani and  P-Hazel help for the recovery. The medicines are natural, 100% safe, and effective. We have helped more than 2000 patients to recover. So, if you are looking for pcos treatment in ayurveda we are here to help you.