Musical Instruments And Gear Needed For A Live Performance

Whether you want to start a live band or hire out equipment for a live performance, you need to know the equipment you need in your collection. Most of the equipment you need will be expensive, so do not rush the buying process. Start with the basics, then add on more equipment as time goes by. Since there is so many equipment you will need to get, you are bound to be spoiled for choice and might forget the essential. Here are some of the equipment you will need when you are starting out.


Based on the size of crowds your equipment will be used in, you will need amplifiers. Amplifiers are used to amplify a low-power audio signal and make it strong enough to be heard through a loudspeaker. There is a guitar amplifier like the Boss Katana 50 that is commonly used by most live bands. Before selecting your amplifier, ensure that it is compatible with your speaker in terms of wattage used.


There is nothing as annoying as going to a live performance and not being able to hear the music because the sound does not reach far. It is for this reason that loudspeakers were invented. Not only will they serve the music being played, but the singers’ voices will also be heard. Getting the speakers should be top of your list as you start getting equipment. There are various sizes of speakers in the market, and they all project sound to different levels. Find out how powerful the speakers you plan on getting are before you buy them. If you can, get the powerful speakers first as they can serve bigger crowds better.


Once you get your speakers, you will need a couple of microfones. They will not just be used by singers but by some of the instruments as well. Many drum sets need their own microphones to ensure that the sound is projected through the speakers. Invest in a couple of microphones, especially at the beginning, as they will serve you well. Ensure that you get quality microphones that can withstand regular use and even dropping if you plan on hiring them out. Accidents happen during live events, and you might end p losing all your mikes if you are not careful.

Drum sets

Drums make the entire music ensemble come together. As time goes by, electronic drums have started changing the scene. They are lighter to carry, yet players say they feel just like the acoustic drums would. You can get a Roland TD-1DMK and give it a try to see if it would fit with the rest of the instruments you have at hand. Getting a good set of drums will ensure that you can use them for more than one performance.


Acoustic pianos have graced so many live shows, but they come with their own complications. They are bulky, and hooking them up to the speakers can be a hassle. It is for this reason that digital pianos were created. Getting yourself a Roland Go Keys will ensure that you can play any of the songs you like in a live event. You also have the option of getting yourself a Yamaha PSR-E463 that can be plugged in with your other instruments during the show. Most of the digital pianos have weighted keys, and playing them will feel like you are playing an acoustic piano, which adds to the experience.

Having the right equipment for a live band will ensure that the performance is worthwhile. Take your time and go through reviews left on various equipment to know if you are getting the right ones for you. It is also important that you get equipment that is compatible with each other, so everything is in sync when being used.