How To Properly Store Your Musical Instruments

Have you ever stopped to think about what would make your musical device last you a lifetime! Well, a vast majority will get into the details of you have to clean it, tune it, but a majority forget to mention that you have to store it right. Most have no idea how to do just that. But worry not, if you have any J. Michael or Instrumentos Musicais piece, below is how to keep your device correctly.

  1. Store it in a cool, dry place

So now that you had concluded your session working on the Pioneer XDJ XZ, you own what next? Do you leave it exposed to air and dust and all the other stuff lingering in the air? Well, no. It would be best if you placed the piece far away in a safe spot, and this spot must be cool and dry. Moisture and heat are harmful as they have a way of seeping into the internal parts and destroying the device from the inside out. This applies to all musical instruments up to and including RCF speakers.

  1. Store away from children

Kids are inquisitive creatures. Anything that they see you working on like the Zoom G1Xon you just bought entices them. They want to know how to work it just like you do. But let’s be real, they have no idea how to operate it, let alone take care of it. While their intentions may be pure, if you leave it out, you might find it damaged. So much so, before they become of age, store your musical instruments away from children.

  1. Store away from places with constant movements

Imagine keeping your guitar behind a door that is continually being opened, do you think this is a good idea? What about placing a subwoofer next to a narrow exit, or your violin on your bed? All these places are spots that have a lot of movement that may result in the damaging of your piece. The door might bang the guitar, the subwoofer may be hit or stepped on, and the violin may be broken when someone sits on it. There are undoubtedly better places to store them.

  1. Store in a cabinet

It will help if you store your piece in a cupboard instead. But also not just any cabinet as the kitchen cabinet under the sink is not ideal. Choose a cabinet in your room that you least use, the one that is at the far end where a few get to access. Keeping it there will ensure that your boss RC 505, stays in top shape and serves you the longest. In the cupboard, anyone who is not qualified to handle it cannot reach it.

  1. Store in their casing or a cloth

Most of the musical instrument when bought, well except the big ones like a grand piano Yamaha, come in boxes or cases. And these are the casings that you must not throw away. They come in handy later after you are done with the instrument, and it is time to store them. They keep them away from dust, debris and even water. So much so, even for the grand piano, you could purchase a waterproof cover and cover it after use.