Factors To Consider Before Buying Piano

It is every person’s desire and dream to become the best they can be in all areas of their lives. Financially, emotionally, mentally, and even musically. And what best way to get good at music than to have the best instruments to practice with. Know of the maxim practice makes perfect, then it is about time you find out if the Yamaha P-125 BK is the ideal piano for you, using these factors below.

  1. The space you have

The number one thing you have to look into before getting that Yamaha NP-12 you have been eyeing is the space you have available in your home or studio. Indeed a grand piano might need bigger space than the Akai keyboard; hence it is a thing to consider. You do not want to end up not having space to put your device, let alone store it.

  1. The brand

The bigger the brand, the better, right. Well, that is half-truth as some brands have diversified too much and their devices are below par. With musical instruments specifically. Even with that, please take a look at other musical instruments under their belt and look at their design, functionality and aesthetics. Do they last long, do they sound good, so on and so forth. For instance, take a look at the Sax Alto Yamaha Yas 280 and if it delivers all the above, go ahead and get yourself a Yamaha piano or keyboard.

  1. The size and mechanism of the piano

The size of the keyboard will be dictated by the space you have. Although the size also depends on the complexity of the piano you are acquainted with. Admittedly a more prominent piano produced louder sound than the smaller ones. And the size also dictates the quality of the music. If you are looking into creating resonance sound that plays angelic, smooth, and raw, go for a non-electric piano. In contrast, if you want something modernized, go for an electric keyboard piano. It all depends on what you want to achieve.

  1. Your budget

Last but not least, it all boils down to what you are willing to spend on a piano. There is no set price range of pianos in the market as they pan across a broad spectrum of prices. Some cost a few hundred, others thousands and others could amount to millions. All because of the make, brand, functionality, size, and so much more. You have to realize that a new keyboard may cost less than a grand piano, and all this will depend on your need for the device and the cash you are willing to pay for it.


The points above will help you get the best piano for you and your loved ones. So that you enjoy the smooth grandiose melodic tunes from the keyboard. Keep in mind that these pointers could also help you when getting other musical equipment like the Pioneer DDJ-1000 or any Pioneer XDJ- piece. Remember, it is the space that you have, the brand, the size of the piece, and lastly your budget.