Different Types Of Pianos Egitana Musical, Lda.

This instrument that produces musical tunes that make you connect mind body and soul is a marvel for sure. Most of the music we hear on the radios today have a piano playing in the background, and without it, the song might lose its soulfulness. Pianos are very important as they are the background of several music genres like jazz and RnB, to mention a few. But how many people can tell the difference in sound and the types of the piano used? Well, in this piece, you shall get to understand the main types of pianos and maybe even be able to place the Yamaha NP-12 in a category.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

  1. Grand piano

The grand pianos are the giant pianos found on earth. Just as the name suggests, they are massive and costly. But that is due to the fact that their sound is raw and rich acoustically. They mostly have a cover slide with a keyboard of 88 keys in total. The keys are also not made of plastic but are either wood coated with ivory or made of ivory entirely. This makes them the most durable type of pianos. There are so many brands that make these grand pianos, Kawai being a perfect example.

  1. Upright piano

These are a small size compared to the grand types. They too are mechanical and have 88 keys on the keyboard, but they are more affordable and compact. These are the kinds that you will find in middle-range studios as well as in homes and living rooms. They do not have a cover lid but have a sheet music stand that facilitates easier reading while you play. Companies such as Nord are into making their keyboards as well as others in the market. These pianos are prone to tuning every once in a while.

  1. Electric piano

The third type is the electric piano that uses a power supply. They are perfect for beginners as well as those musicians who are always on the move. This piano supports external pieces such as an Ortofon piece and can be tweaked to play alongside a Zoom G1Xon guitar. The piece does not require tuning, although it promotes different sound outputs such as acoustic, organ, guitar, string, choir, and percussion. This variety makes music makers prefer this to the two discussed above. It is also possible to use headphones while practicing on the keyboard and this eliminates noise pollution of any kind.

Take Away

The three kinds of pianos are used all over the world. The kind one has best fits their needs as well as their pockets. Some people have the grand piano Yamaha because it sounds great, and some have it for aesthetics. You cannot deny that it looks exquisite. The ones who go for the upright are mostly music schools and private household. And the ones who go for the electric ones are also individual users and musicians on the move. All in all, they all produce great music.