Origin Of Birthday Cake You Must Know

Birthdays are always fun and special to celebrate. But what matters the most is how actually are you celebrating it. There are so many different types of cake that are available in the market today. For kids’ options like Ariel birthday cake or some other cartoon theme is the best choice while for adults a simple vanilla or chocolate cake can always be the best one to go. But again, do you know how this type of cake really originated? If not then surely you are at the right place. Have a look at some little history of the cake which surely would leave you amazed. After all, no birthday is complete without a cake but if you don’t know how this amazing dessert originated and why it is loved by all then surely this is the right place where you have landed up.

The theory of Greek Origin:

Yes! Don’t be surprised to know that the existence of the cake is from the Greek times. They use to make the cakes of round shape. It was an honour made for the Atemis the moon goddess. There were some scholars who also considered it to be a tradition which eventually started in Germany. In this there was a candle that used to be placed on the upper side of the cake. It signifies the meaning of the light of the life. This however, is said to be the western culture which is used as a part of celebration for the birthdays. Even it is believed that while blowing the candle the birthday song is sang. Well, this tradition till date is being followed.

Cake in the middle age:

Be it the Ariel birthday cake that you plan to buy or any other themed cake, in olden times, it was never like this. There is use of spice, sugar, dough, sweet, milk and even the flour and cream which together is blended well. In the middle age however, this type of cake was only being made for the people who have a good wealth. With the industrial revolution, there were other ingredients like sugar and many more which required for a cake to be easily available. That is how the demand for the cake expanded since then and now you can see there are so many people even baking it at home as well.

The southern tradition is also a unique one. Ain olden times, this type of cake was just a part of birthday celebration. There were many other grand ways as well to celebrate the birthday. Usually in southern tradition, mor than birthday it was used in the wedding. It was all about creating a cake with the number of candles for the marriage which the couples have completed.

There was also a tradition that included a baking dime or the thimble to be put inside the cake. The person who cakes this special part is likely to get rich but it is more like a choke on the metal.


No matter what kind of history does the birthday cakes hold, if you are now planning to get an aerial birthday cake today for your little kid, make sure to complement it well, have the set of decorations and theme set too. It should look like you are making the birthday each day which of course you don’t want to miss out at all.