Important Things To Know About Blow Molding

Molds and molding are synonyms to the manufacturing industry. When these terms are mentioned, what come to the mind are products produced through molding process. While molding is the manufacturing process, mold is the hollow block that is used to manufacture products of desired shape and sizes. Blow molding is used to manufacture simple to intricate and complex shaped hollow objects. Blow mold used for the process is highly used in plastic and bottle manufacturing industries.

Blow molding is a widely used manufacturing process that comes to mind when objective is to consolidate as much function as possible into a single product. The process is discontinuous, like injection molding, and produces in batches.  Let’s know a few interesting things about blow molding:

Blow molding produces products that are used everywhere

Interestingly, blow molded products are used in almost every aspect of life – from medical devices to stadium seats, and more. Product designers understand the capabilities of blow molding and provide several design possibilities with the manufacturing process.

Bigger mold saves more money

As successful molding depends on the accurate mold design, it is essential to take it seriously. While the upfront cost of a blow mold may seem larger, especially when it is a mold with several cavities, it is highly economical in the long run. Investing in a larger mold ensures lower unit prices.

Color selection

Yes, blow molding allows manufacturing products in desired colors. The color selection for products may depend on several factors, such as consumer demands, product requirements, and aesthetic value. With blow molding, color options are simply infinite. However, creating the right colored products takes a lot of efforts. Color manufacturers must work hard to formulate a color match to ensure the best outcomes.

Custom and standard molds

If product requirements are not specific, standard molds can work fine. In this case, it is cost-effective. However, if the project requirement is complex, a custom mold is essential. A reliable and reputable bottle cap mold supplier can provide custom as well as standard options for any number of projects. For bottle caps, standard molds may also work fine. Manufacturers can even have multi-cavity molds for bulk production.

Automated blow molding

Modern day blow molding is largely automated, saving manufacturing time and cost. In addition, the process can use a wide variety of materials for producing a comprehensive range of products. Using blow molding is a highly efficient and cost-effective way of mass-producing great designs.