Instruments To Start A Home Studio

Let's be real; starting a music production studio is very costly. If you are to factor in all the cash, you will use on the instruments, space, and the nitty-gritty, you must have at least a million plus lying around. But does that mean you cannot start with a bit of money? No, as a matter of fact, the most successful music producers will attest that they started small and slow, acquiring one piece at a time. And one thing they have in common is they started in their homes. It was either the garage or their bedrooms. With this, they wavered ever needing to pay for extra space.

Today you buy the Fender FA-115, tomorrow you advance and get an MXR instrument. And below are just some of the devices you can start with to create a home studio.

A mixer

The first thing you should have to build your home studio is a mixer. It would help if you had a place to load up your music and mix it all up. Most complex music mixers in the industries are a bit costly, but there are cheaper ones with the essential functions of recording sounds and adding effects. A blender will be the start of your music-making adventure.

A computer

A computer with fast RAM and enough storage will help you with the mixing of your music. Your laptop could do, but as you proceed, make sure you get a more powerful desktop computer that can handle the workload. A computer will help you integrate the Pioneer XDJ-XZ and the other XDJ XZ pieces.


It would be best to listen to what you are making right, so that means you will need good speakers in your home studio. To listen to how the different musical instruments blend in together, great speakers are a must.


You can gain so much from a simple guitar, either acoustic or electric, either will get the job done. Any melodious tune from a guitar can be recorded and later mixed on a Pioneer Ddj 400 and add flavor to the song.

Electric piano

Like the guitar, the pianos are yet another diverse instrument that would be a great addition to your home studio. Grand pianos are incredible, but electrical keyboards offer you better diversity. The Yamaha ydp 164 is a perfect piano to get.

Sound recording equipment

In conclusion, you need audio recording equipment such as microphones and amplifiers. Yet another related thing to have is a noise cancellation arrangement that will make your production clean without external noises. A pro-tip is to cushion the walls with cartons boxes; they work wonders.


Converting your already available space into a home studio does not have to cost you millions all at once. Save up and buy equipment one after the other. Even the industry's most celebrated names had humble beginnings so, do not hold back because you have little. You are creative, improvise and get creating.