Musical Toys A One Year Old Can Enjoy Playing With

It must be your child’s, niece, nephew or godchild’s birthday approaching and you are stuck as to what to get them. If you are musically inclined, a music instrument must have caught your attention, but can a one-year-old really handle a Fender FA-125CE or Auscultadores(headphones)? Of course not! They will end up damaging the piece by tagging the wires and maybe even breaking some parts. And those instruments are not even kid-friendly. These two pieces plus possibly a Mackie Thump 12A may be appropriate when they turn 17, not one.

So let us take a look at a few kid-friendly toys a child under five will love.


This classy yet subtle music instrument will catch the eye of a one-year-old the moment they lay their eyes on it. This device produces distinctively different high-pitched sounds that kids resonate well with, making it the perfect instrument to get them.

Luckily now, some xylophones have been made for kids with flashy colors, and some even incorporated with buttons that produce animal sounds when pressed. Get those as they get to teach and entertain the child.


Baby pianos are yet another piece a toddler will enjoy. The array of sounds on the keyboard is a new adventure with every new key stoke. Want to raise a child who knows how to play the piano in the future, introduce them then as early as now, and you will be amazed at how well they perform later on with an actual keyboard. Just like the xylophone, make sure you get a colorful piece that will catch their attention right away.


A mic from Focusrite is excellent but not for a toddler. A toddler who is always making noise around the house will really love having a toy microphone in their possession. Let that pop star inside shine when you hand them the piece. However, do not be shocked if you find them eating it; babies are still babies; they eat everything.

Flute or any other air instrument

Wind chimes on top of their crib, a wooden flute from Buffet Crampon, or any other wind instrument will have your daughter, son or niece or nephew smiling whenever they use it. The sound is very relaxing and can even get them to float away into slumberland.


The Schlagwerk may be way too sophisticated for a toddler, but they may understand it later if they get exposed to drums at an early stage. You can start with the small sizes that they can carry with them everywhere and make you sweet music while playing.

Kayamba or other ideophones

The kayamba is yet another piece a toddler will find fascinating when they try shaking it. The rattle, if you did not know, is also yet another ideophone. Cymbals, gongs, and triangles are also ideophones; you can get a child under five.

Take away

Kids are the easiest to keep happy as long as you keep them interested and occupied. If you get them one of the instruments named above, you will achieve just that.