Must Have Music Producing Equipment

Are you a beginner in making music? Do you enjoy recording, mastering and mixing the tracks? We understand producing music can be a hefty job, but the final outcome is overwhelming and worth to wait for. If the music is recorded and mixed with the right equipment like Roland Fantom, or Tascam DR-40 V2, then the process of the recording gets easier. If you are a beginner don't make equipment, workload, or initial learning surprise you.

Before learning about the music producing equipment, let's dive into the five beliefs that a music producer should have:

1. Trust your hearing but don't afraid of mixing different soundtracks: If you properly equalize your tracks the music will not need any vst or plugin.

2. Never rush through your music: Don't publish the song likewise. It should be given your dedicated days to test the music and then you should release it.

3. Get experimental: Don't stick on a particular style. You don't need to go with the trend as well. Sometimes emulating someone else work to make you go out of fashion. Make a trend. Play something on your Yamaha PSR-E263 that is unique and new and have the capability to change the trend.

4. Don’t empty your bank account on software and hardware. It looks so attractive to surf over the internet to look for software and plugins to complete your music, but it is just a waste of money. Instead, try to compose the sound that you wish to listen with all the tools likes Arturia MiniLab MKII and others that all are available with you. Similarly, it applies to hardware. Focus on improving your production ability.

5. Keep challenging yourself every day: Small steps are the key to success. It doesn't matter what all you have start with and where you are now. What matters is you are practicing regularly to reach your goals. And that matters. If you are learning an instrument which you were playing to learn since long and devoting at least an hour daily. You'll learn a lot.

The importance of having the right equipment

The above beliefs only talk about one side of production and ignore the equipment side of the production. In today's time to match unique preferences and match the industry's standards, one needs to take the help of hardware and software.

These are the 4 essentials equipment for producing music:

Digital Audio Workstation

If you wish to bake a pizza you need an oven, the same theory is applied with the DAWs concept. There are multiple options of recording audios with the help of Tascam DR-40 V2 and also via playing it on Roland Fantom.

MIDI Controller

MIDI Controller is almost the same as a DAW you select to control it. Boss RC 505 can be counted as the best midi controller to control the rhythm according to the music. It is the best communicator use as a communicator between the physical and digital voices. They go best with Akai MPK mini Mk2 when you need the connection with music on the go.

An Audio Interface

When playing live music, proper audio flow is needed to translate the acoustics into a digital audio file and a good audio interface can do that.

Digitally guitars and audios are played that needs audio support which they can get from Fluid Audio and JBL Eon 615 to boom the audience. They are the best buy for clear audio flow.

A Studio Recording Mic

If you are new in the digital music production, then you must have done your homework and must be knowing about the importance of the recording mic like Shure beta 58a and mics from Ortofon brand to embellish your career.

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