Dry Skin Vs. Oily Skin: Who Wins The Battle For Being The Most Troublesome?

If you switch your television on or click on any YouTube video YouTube related to the subject of skincare, beauty and wellness, chances are that you will see an ad for such a product which will either offer to solve some aspect of “dry skin” problems or “oily skin” problems, if not both. So, why do most skin care companies choose to focus only on these two aspects of an unhealthy skin? Even if not focusing specifically on them, the chances that one (or both) of these terms is being mentioned are highly likely. But why? What makes specifically these two aspects of skincare so prominent and are they really that important to address in every single skin wellness product out there?


First of all, let’s get one thing out of the way. The short answer is yes. Yes, both dry skin and oily skin are essential to a healthy skin and do need to be addressed by as many skin care and wellness brands/companies as possible. But why? What makes them so special? One word, mainstream. But when you look deeper into it, the chances are that at least some of it might ring true for you as well.


Both dry and oily skin are experienced by a lot of people around the world, regardless of where you might be. Just this one fact has a lot of implications. This means that whether you are living in a hot, cold, dry or humid climate, the chances you will encounter one, or both of these in your life are extremely high. It might also happen that someone might have oily skin on their face, while their feet mostly remain completely dry, maybe even to a point of being considered “unhealthy”. Another very common example is someone having a very dry scalp, but at the same time having a very oily face. So, how do you deal with something like that?


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