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Luckily for brunettes and women everywhere, hairstylists have brought out the incredible beauty of the brown brunette hair color. Now women everywhere are opting for brunettes’ tones because they know it the not just a brown shade of hair but a myriad of colors.


The average brown brunette color has hints of honey, brown, caramel, red, chocolate, and an entire spectrum of brown to honey-gold shades. All these shades can be really captivating, especially when the hair is shiny and lush.


Brunette balayage: Balayage color application is a method that has caught the wave in hair coloring. The term which is French for “to sweep” is used by hair color specialists to apply hair color in a sweeping manner to the hair. A lot of women are going for balayage because it is the most natural-looking color application method. When applied by a balayage specialist, it leaves the hair with a swept, natural look.


In New York City, there are hair salons that are also brunette balayage salons. Beige Salon, is one of such and arguably the best brunet balayage salon in New York.


What is a brunette balayage salon? A lot of salons offer balayage services, when it comes to brunettes hair tones, only a brunette balayage specialist can give you that perfectly brown brunette natural look.

At Beige Salon, you will find the best brunette balayage specialists in New York City.


Balayage color application takes mastery and experience. Brunette shades are easily messed, especially because of their dark tones. The natural brunette hair color will have multiple shades, some of which are fully seen in sunlight or from an angle.


Brunette balayage color application should be able to give a natural-looking result. Not everyone can give you that perfect brunette look. You may end up with a brunette coloring that looks brushed on instead of swept on.


A brunette balayage specialist will give you that swept on look that balayage is known and loved for.

Getting your brunette balayage hair color: So, you want that sot yet alluring brunette balayage look? Simply book an appointment with Beige Salon’s brunette balayage specialists and come in for a one-on-one session with your specialist. Come with your hair as it is so that the specialist can get a proper view and idea of what they will be working with.


A lot of times, women walk into coloring appointments with only a verbal description of the look they want. At Beige salon, we have visual aids to help you pick the brunette balayage look you desire. You could also come for your appointment with an image of your desired look.


Do not allow yourself to go through the heartbreak of a poorly done hair job by opting for a salon that is not a specialized brunette balayage salon.