Difference Between Soaps, Glycerine Soaps & Activated Carbon Soaps - Which Is Better?

What are Soaps? 


Soaps are surfactants that are manufactured from highly basic materials. A soap is made up of a substrate, mainly a fatty substance like oil and some other hard basic substances that provides a bleaching and cleaning effect. 

A regular soap is basic in nature and it helps in removing dirt and dust particles from the surface by forming a layer around them. When mixed with water, soaps lather up which helps in easier removal of dust and impurities. 


However, most soaps have a high pH value, which affects the pH balance of a normal human skin. Our human body contains natural anti-bodies and protection layers which are very sensitive to the delicate pH balance of the body. Using soaps can harm this balance and make us susceptible to attack by foreign bodies like microbes. 


Further, some soaps are very basic and are hard on the skin. They deteriorate the life of skin cells and make our skin rough and irregular.


            Benefits of Regular Soap 


  • Regular soaps are easy to manufacture.

  • They are cheaper when compared with other alternatives.

  • They are effective in removing dirt and impurities. 


Disadvantages of Regular Soap


  • Regular soaps can be hard on the skin

  • It changes the pH balance of human skin.

  • It induces roughness in the skin.           



What are Glycerine Soaps?


The main visible difference between glycerin soaps and regular soaps is that they are translucent while the latter are opaque. Glycerin soaps, as the name suggests, contain glycerin in them. They are manufactured using glycerol and other alcohols with soap. This produces a clear soap and it is also effective in retaining moisture on the skin. 


Benefits of Glycerine Soaps


  • Glycerin soaps are softer with a better pH value. 

  • They don't harm the skin cells. 

  • They help the skin in retaining moisture, hence provide a softer and smoother skin.


Disadvantages of Glycerine Soap


  • Glycerine soaps are relatively costlier than regular soaps.

  • As they are very soft, sometimes, they are not effective in removing the impurities. 


What are Activated Carbon Soaps


Activated carbon soaps are soaps that are made by a process of saponification like ordinary soaps but they contain activated carbon as an important ingredient. Activated carbon in these soaps make it potent in removing the impurities. As activated charcoal has a large surface area, it also acts as a very good exfoliating agent. It may or may not contain Glycerine. Activated charcoal also helps in killing of bacteria, and other microbes in the body that produces body odour. 


Benefits of Activated Carbon Soaps


  • Activated charcoal soaps are better at cleaning.

  • They easily remove the impurities in the body and cleanses from the depth of the skin.

  • Adding glycerine in them also helps moisturise the skin. 


Disadvantages of Activated Carbon Soaps

  • Although, there are no disadvantages or demerits of using activated charcoal soap, the cost of production of these soaps are higher when compared with other soaps. 


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