Doorstep Demo: Does This Speak To Digitrac’s Quality Or Confidence? Maybe Both?

Read the following pointers and think of the first word that comes to your mind. Ready? Here we go:

●        Going to a tractor dealership

●        Browsing the brand’s range of tractors

●        Seeing the tractor I like

●        It’s out of my budget

●        Choosing a more “budget-friendly” tractor

●        Missing out on a couple of really cool features

●        Doing a test drive

●        Making the purchase

●        Coming back home


Sounds just like a normal tractor-buying experience, right? Nothing different, nothing standing out, nothing unique. But also, nothing really great as well. Sure, the second-hand tractor you ended up buying might have proven to be great for your farming needs and might be very budget-friendly at the same time, but the tractor buying experience itself was not that great, was it? Taking all that into consideration, don’t know about you, but the first word coming to our mind is “hassle”. Now, read the following pointers and again, think of the first word that comes to your mind:

●        Sitting at home on my couch

●        Looking at the latest tractors on my smartphone

●        Liking a tractor that suits both my budget and farming needs

●        Getting the option to get that tractor financed by the brand itself

●        Buying the tractor online

●        Having the tractor being delivered home


So, what is the very first word that came to your mind? Well, if it was something like “convenient”, “easy”, “simple” or anything like that, congratulations, you have just gone though what it’s like to purchase a tractor from Digitrac. It really is that simple, that easy, and definitely much more convenient that you can imagine. All you have to do is go to Digitrac’s official website or download the Digitrac app, pick a tractor you like, get it financed, accessorised and get all the compatible implements you need, and voila! The tractor is delivered right to your doorstep. But here’s the catch, “how do I find out exactly how to use the tractor?”. How do its various functions work? How can I use its x, y, or z features?


Well, to answer all those questions and more, Digitrac happily offers farmers the option of a doorstep demo. That’s right! When your tractor is being delivered to your home, an expert from Digitrac accompanies it and demonstrates all the features of the tractor and all the different farming tasks it can help you with. Not only that, you can test-drive the tractor to see how it would behave in a real-life situation, i.e., on your farming field. This specific offering very strongly ties into Digitrac’s motto that is to be Advanced, Convenient and Transparent. Here’s how it works:


Advanced: Because Digitrac offers all of its tractors and service sonly via online mediums, namely the Digitrac app and website, the added benefit of being able to get a tractor demo right at your doorstep is definitely leaning into making any consumers interaction with the Digitrac brand much more “user-friendly” and oriented towards taking the products to them instead of them having to come for the product. Indeed a very modern and up-to-date way to think about long-term business policies and practices.


Convenient: Obviously, the fact that you are getting a brand new, fully featured tractor delivered and demod at your doorstep is extremely convenient in of itself. Add to that the fact that you also brosed, chose and brought that tractor using the Digitrac app or website, means that you effectively completed the entire transaction without ever having to step out of your house even once! And that’s as convenient of a tractor-buying experience as it gets!


Transparent: Finally, the fact that Digitrac is sending in an expert to demonstrate all the features of the tractor and its application specific to your own personal farming needs speaks a lot about its transparency when it comes to product quality. The fact that a brand is willing to show their product off to customers in a setting they don’t control, i.e., a farmer’s house or farmland, showcases their confidence in their quality of products in a big, big way.


Now you too can experience the best tractors in India that Digitrac provides with all of their features being demonstrated right at your doorstep!