Organic Cotton Clothes – Do You Know How They Are Made?

Cotton is a more preferable fabric than any other of all time in India. There are plenty of reasons that cotton was people's first preference as it gives the feeling of coziness and comfort. For summers, cotton is perfect as it is fluffy and absorbent. There are people who experience some kind of skin allergy because of their clothes, but if they switch to cotton clothes, they may get some relief from those skin problems.

If you look around in your hose, you will see cotton fabric of different kinds from your bedroom to your kitchen. But with the use of chemical fertilizers in cotton production may have some impurities for the pure cotton; you can use biofertilizer for cotton, which will provide you the organic cotton yield.

What is organic cotton farming?

In organic cotton farming, cotton is grown and harvested without any harmful chemicals, including fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, and others. The fertilizers used in organic farming are eco-friendly and do not harm anyone. Some of the features of the cotton that make it organic-

  • While organic cotton farming, there is no use of any synthetic or hazardous chemical to grow the crops.
  • To grow the cotton in the organic form means it will use the farming style that also helps in conserving the water and energy.
  • It protects the crop from any kind of harmful disease and insects, and pests.

If you start growing the cotton crops in an organic way, then you will get the best quality of clothes, and farmers also use the acetobacter biofertilizer that enhances the quality of crops.

Benefits of organic cotton farming

If you want to grow the cotton in the traditional way and do not want to pollute the environment, then it is the best thing that the Agricultural fertilizers you use should be biofertilizers. Some of the benefits that you will experience if you will use the method of organic cotton farming-


The best part of organic farming is that it is environment friendly; the cotton that it produces does not use much carbon because there are less fuel and energy consumption. It also prevents water contamination because there is no chemical involved in the farming as there is a use of biofertilizer for cotton. On the other hand, if we use more chemical fertilizers and pesticides, then it does harm not only the environment but also the labor.

Standard of safety

It has been proved that organic farming is safer than other farming methods. Organic farming comes under a very strict and tough standard of manufacturing. This thing is just not for meeting the environment requirement or but also to ensure the value of a customer. So organic method has met all the standard of safety and is good for people to use as it is free from chemicals. With the use of acetobacter biofertilizer, the production increases. It does not increase the fertility of the soil and provide safe farming.


The next benefit that a person can experience from organic cotton farming is that it is cheaper to produce cotton production. It is cheaper because it does not have any kind of harmful or poisonous chemicals which can harm the environment and people. If you will buy the BT, then it is more expensive, and you may need some expensive chemicals for the production. Iplbiological is the best biofertilizer company where you can get all the information about organic farming and buy its product.

Avoid skin related problems

As in organic farming with the use of Agricultural fertilizers, there are no chemicals in the cotton crops. People who have allergies to the clothes can wear organic cotton clothes, which will feel better on their skin. It will also prevent the person from allergies and other skin-related concerns. Even if you are not suffering from any kind of allergies or do not have any chemical sensitivity, then also these clothes will feel so better on your skin.


A person may have got the idea that how organic cotton clothes help the person in any way. It is better for the environment also for people if the production of crops will switch to organic.