Best 2019 Summer Tyres As Per Drivers

Selection of tyres for your vehicle can be a confusing process for many. Fear not, we are here to solve that problem itself. If you are perplexed as to what size tyres to buy, you have arrived at the right place. Here is a list of tyres that satisfy different parameters, so that you can choose one according to your requirements. This list has been formed with the opinions of the drivers who have driven vehicles with these tyres, to provide maximum accuracy-


Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance


Advanced manufacturing, materials of the highest quality, and perfect architecture have mainly contributed to the success of this premium tyre.

A specially built tread, which guarantees ultimate adhesion not only during everyday driving but also in emergencies, assures the safety of the driver.

Provides good traction and braking on both wet and dry roads, has an A rating for grip on both kinds of roads

Excellent water drainage sources protect the car against aquaplaning.

The tyre is practically inaudible, with the fantastic noise cancellation abilities

This goodyear Autobanden Leeuwarden has a Fuel Saving technology that reduces the energy losses by almost 18%


Uniroyal Rainsport 3


Also known as the ‘rain tyre,’ this middle-class tyre is specially made for driving in rainy weather

Extremely affordable, and nowhere does the price compromise the quality of the tyres

Provides excellent adhesion, sticks to the road to offer safe cornering and handling

Has an asymmetrical tread pattern, elastic shoulders, 3D grooves to provide the best grip

Also promises minimum and even wear, so that you feel safe and confident while driving


Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse


This model has been proven to give uncompromised adhesion as it sticks well on both straight and bendy roads

Has an asymmetrical tread pattern which ensures durability and excellent performance

Its fuel-saving technology provides an economic advantage

This provides excellent braking and handling and can brake perfectly well even on the wet roads

Are also surprisingly quiet, having exceptional road noise cancellation abilities

It is also an ecologically sound tyre, also limiting its CO2 footprint and saving fuel

Also reduces heat emission, thanks to its aerodynamic shape

Has a more extensive road-tyre surface, thus providing more stability and giving the driver maximum comfort and convenience


Hankook Ventus Prime3 K125


Manufactured with advanced technologies, this tyre is meant for fast, high-class cars.

This tyre is almost inaudible and thus very satisfying to drive

Tyre drives perfectly in diverse weather conditions, including rain

Increased stiffness and road-tyre surface provide higher stability, short braking distances and also muffle surface unevenness

This tyre also has a reduces rolling resistance along with more grip, that works the best for fast cars

The design also protects against aquaplaning, and the grooves provide the highest quality performance


Zeetex HP 2000 VFM


This exceptional economic Goodyear Banden Leeuwarden that will work on every road type belongs to the economic class

Has a meagre rolling resistance, which makes the car move forward effortlessly

This tyre has an excellent ability to withstand anything! Be it water, sand, mud, and nothing will stop it, all thanks to the four evacuation grooves which immediately remove any impurities from the tyre surface

Also has an advanced asymmetrical tread life, which is beneficial to fast cars

Wider transverse incisions also help to maintain flexibility and stability.


These were the best size 215/55R16 tyres that you can buy. The breakdown makes the decision- making the process a little easier, so you know which tyre you need for your vehicle. We wish you a safe and enjoyable driving!