How To Properly Take Care Of Your Digital Piano

There is something classy about having a piano in your home. It seems a sense of class and luxury associated with having one in your establishment. Depending on the piano you have, you have certain maintenance practices you should follow to ensure your piano stays in the top shape for the longest time possible. This piece will highlight how to properly take care of your pianos Digitales, also a digital piano.

But what is a digital piano, and what distinguishes one from an acoustic one? Let us first take a brief look at that.

Distinguishing guitarras, guitarras acústicas might be easy by just looking at one, but pianos are a bit more tricky. The main difference between a digital piano to an acoustic one is how it produces sound. The acoustic type gives out sound when the keys’ hammers hit the steel-wire strings. In contrast, digital ones do not use hammers but involve electronic speakers to playback the keys strokes. That said, digital pianos need electricity to function.

Next, let us get to know how to take care of these digital pianos.


Place the piano at a low-traffic spot

If you want your pian to serve you a lifetime and beyond, ensure that you place it in a post where it will be less disturbed by human traffic. That said,  they are better off at home corners or the centre of a big hall. If you instead place your digital piano near doors, people coming in opening and shutting the door might once or twice hit the right sides of the piano, damaging it slowly.

Place the piano away from the window

There are obvious reasons this is advised. And that is dust and moisture coming through the window. Indeed you may be able to wipe off the dust coats on the surfaces, but can you imagine what gets into the inaccessible parts? This will mean that with tile, this dust finding its way to the inside may start causing issues internally, forcing you to get a professional cleaning for the piano, which is expensive.

Place it from falling objects

Musical instruments are generally fragile items. A shelf above the piano may seem like a great idea, but do you know that even the softest thing could break a key? Even if it does not break it, it may disfigure or cause a disconnection internally. So much so, avoid any spot with things hanging or placed on top of the piano.


Foods and drinks can damage the piano

This is one thing that all digital pianists must refrain from. Food and drinks are a danger to this kind of piano, mostly because it is electrical. When you spill teas and foods bits on the parts, you might be risking shock or, even worse, damaging the piano for good.

Clean your hands before use

Just imagine walking out on errands and immediately jumping in to start your music lesson. All the germs you have picked up end up on the piano keys, right! If you have to use the piano, you should wash your hands with soap and water. You do not want your piano to be the source of infection, do you?


Get your piano a cover

Weather elements, even within the household, can sometimes too harsh on a piano. And that is why you should get a housing cover for your piano just like you have for your guitarras clásicas. A cover saves you from having to wipe dust and the dirt off. Take as much time as is needed and have a great time!