What Are The Ways To Recover Google Account Recovery?

Gmail is one of the most popular Email provider around the world and it is very widely recognized. But there are many times when users forget the password and need to recover the account, if same thing is happened with you then do not worry here are various ways by which you can easily recover the account.

Google Account Recovery

Go through the below steps in order to do Google Account Recovery in very simple and easy way

  • Open your browser then go to the Google official website on your browser
  • When user will enter the phone number, Google will send a ‘Gmail forgot password verification code’ on the phone that you have used while signing up for the account. Provide the code on the screen that pops up immediately once you have provided the phone number.
  • In case if you have provide your recovery email address instead, Google will send a link to your email inbox for doing the account recovery process.
  • Also keep in mind about few things that user will have to use the name that you entered while opening the account. If you used a nickname or pseudonym, it will be difficult to retrieve the lost credentials. It will be better to use a browser and computer that you might have used previously to login. As it will assist the Google understand that you are not a hacker.
  • Once all the steps has been completed, user will need to enter a password and it might also ask that you to provide the last password you remember for the account. If you forgot the last password, Google will ask you a series of questions so as to identify the account.
  • All the answer will be recorded properly then password reset page will appear where you need to provide the new password and enter it twice.

How to recover your hacked Google account?

·        First user need to go to the, and login to your account in case you are not logged in. On the top right, press on the icon, then choose ‘Manage your Google Account.’

·        On the left side of the screen, select the ‘Security.’ Here, you will see all the devices through which you have accessed your account, and what apps have access to your Google account info. Person can also change password form here.

·        IN case if you see any unusual activity, simply change the password. Log in below the Signing Into Google then go to the Password, and change your password to something secure.

These were all the ways by which user can easily recover the account, if still user is finding any issue regarding the recovery then do not panic user can easily reach out to customer care service for Recover your Google Account, or you can even drop a Email regarding the same their representative will help you in best possible ways as soon as possible. Gmail provides the best service and customer satisfaction to all the customers around the world.

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