Why Is Salesforce So Successful?

Over time Salesforce has been reaching the peak since its inception. Before knowing why is salesforce so popular, one should know as to what it is first. Knowing about it will aid in understanding whether it is the correct fit for an organization’s need. So, without wasting much time, let’s dive into the questions and check out why is salesforce so good!

Salesforce in short

There was a time when every company worldwide needed cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for dealing with various concerns regarding their customers. These concerns included everything from consumer service to marketing, sales, etc. A CRM was much required for streamlining a firm and assist in saving time and valuable resources.

At this moment, in 1999, Salesforce was introduced to people. It was founded by four people with a single vision of reinventing a model for cloud CRM. Now, that it is clear what salesforce is, let’s move to the next question “why is salesforce so successful”!

The reason behind the success of Salesforce

There are numerous reasons as to why Salesforce has become such a massive success in a few years. These include:

·        Execution and vision

Salesforce is known for having the vision to be long-term as well as the company’s capability of executing its plans perfectly. In the CRM software market, Salesforce claims the top spot with this modern and updated software. The organization’s ability to executing such a massive system for clients without having many problems with it led to its colossal rise and acquired top spot.

Being at the top is what Salesforce is good at and has maintained is continuously over long periods in a row. When compared with other CRM software available in the market, Salesforce has left its competitors far behind. This is one of the top reasons as to why is salesforce so successful. 

·        Highly diversified products

SaaS approach’s innovator is Salesforce in enterprise space. Its expertise in software on-demand, aids in reducing customers’ cost, by offering a standard network for software and hardware platform.

Customers of Salesforce can enhance communication and improve their sales through multiple SaaS offerings like Sales Cloud, Salesforce Chatter, and application for Service Cloud. A colossal amount of diversification has led this CRM to become the best in the software market over time. It is one of the reasons as to why is salesforce so good.

·        Strategic acquisitions

This company has quite a few smart acquisition rules and policies that help in increasing enhanced capabilities. Their long-term purpose in 2006 had several successful strategic acquisitions. Such strategic acquisitions assisted Salesforce to build massively wider Marketing Cloud in the CRM software market.

Again in 2013, ExactTarget for $2.5 billion was acquired. It helped in enhancing Marketing Cloud by marketing automation and handling email campaign. It also helped Salesforce own Pardot, which is an application that aids in marketing automation in online campaigns.

Recently, it acquired RelateIQ that aids in eliminating data entry manually. It automatically tracks relationship in CRM space. These are some of the acquisitions why is salesforce so popular in CRM software sector.

·        Introduction of Salesforce1

It was observed in previous years that over 60% of people who will use the Internet would prefer mobile service applications for different devices on one platform. Hence, Salesforce to keep up with this trend launched Salesforce1 which one can get from Salesforce Development Company.

This CRM platform helps in connecting all third party services and applications like LinkedIn, Dropbox, etc. Moreover, it has seen substantial growth since it was launched as users of the mobile app have vastly increased.


Final words:

These are some of the reasons as to why Salesforce has become popular over time and has acquired the top spot in the CRM software market. So, anyone looking to opt for a CRM software, must checkout Salesforce CRM. It will help in making a business more efficient and grow over a short period.