Five Aspects Of Technical Seo That You Can’t Afford To Miss On 2022

Do you want to hire PPC Services New Zealand? The proper application of Technical SEO elements will make or break the site. But, there are a lot of mistakes that we find easy to fix. 

We will break down some of the most typical reasons your site is not ranking as you want.

What is the value of Technical SEO? 

Technical SEO is one way you configure some parts of your site so that it's indexed on the web.

It covers all behind-the-scenes, nitty gritty aspects like indexing, crawling, site structure, page speed, and more. 

It also has the Core web vitals. 

If you have concerns with how your site is ranking, it's something that you can't overlook.

Why should technical SEO matter to you?

For instance, you have a top-notch blog. But, if your technical SEO is not up to the mark, your site may not end up ranking on Google. Seo company in Christchurch says that great-looking content does not mean one can find it easily.

Although Google is better at crawling, understanding, and indexing the intent. It is still far from being perfect.

So, good web content should get complemented by the technical SEO foundation. 

Technical SEO can also impact the lead generation, sale, and conversion rate of a site.

This type of SEO is vital as your site cannot get properly indexed without technical SEO. If it happens, Bing Facebook, and Google won't know when to display your site on search result pages.

Performing a technical SEO audit will ensure that you have the proper system in place. All the hard work you did on your site should get identified and indexed.

SEO company in Christchurch talks about a few mistakes and how you can fix them.

Duplicate content

If there is one thing that Google admires, it is unique content. It also means that duplicate content is a huge problem if you are trying to rank on the first page of Google. 

You may use tools like Semrush, screaming frog, or deep crawl to find whether you have duplicate content or not. It will crawl your website and other sites on the internet to find out whether it got pro-posted anywhere.


You may use a rel=canonical tool to help your page get a link with another. It allows you to boost your credibility and limit duplicate content without harming your Google ranking.

SEO company in Christchurch says that Google indexes the page with rel=canonical. Nevertheless, if you cannot use it in the right place, it will cause some confusion and lead to Google not ranking your site.

You may come across the code on all your web pages to locate rel=canonical and ensure it gets utilized.

Unique H1 tag 

H1 tags are another vital component of on-page SEO. Google recommends you not to have more than one H1 tag, but it's common to miss it. SEO Services Auckland sees there’s one unique H1 tag on a page.