How Do I Get In Touch With Ryanair Refund?

A Quick Guide to Ryanair customer service 


If you cancel your Ryanair flight, the airline provides a refund in most cases. You can apply for a refund online by visiting the official site and by calling the contact center offline. The general refund time is 5-10 days, depending on your payment mode; it might take time in some cases.

However, you don't need to worry in case of delay, as you can always contact the airline anytime. You can call Ryanair customer service phone number UK and speak to the Ryanair representative to know your refund status. Besides, the good thing is you can also request the airline to apply for your refund if you don't do that.

How to contact a Ryanair executive over a phone call?

It is pretty simple to connect with the Ryanair agent on a phone call; however, you can follow the steps below if you have any confusion.

Simple steps to contact Ryanair executive 

  • To connect with Ryanair over call, visit the support page of the airline online

  • There you can locate the calling section and choose your number

  • Dial the Ryanair customer care number on the mobile and wait for the call to connect

  • Press one to choose English and then follow the automated IVR instructions

  • You can choose the most suitable option or other that connects you to a live agent

  • Say talk to a Ryanair re[resnttaive, you need to wait on call

  • In a few minutes, you will be able to connect with a live agent

  • Once connected, you can ask your refund related queries and doubts

The above calling procedure will connect you to Ryanair anytime; however, if you fail to connect Ryanair phone number UK, for some reason, no worries. The airline provides various contact information to interact with its customer; you can opt for any of them to reach out to the airline.

Other ways to contact a Ryanair representative for a refund 

Given are the other options which you can choose to contact Ryanair. These customer support options you can access from the support page of the airline. Now let's check out the other ways to contact the airline.

  • Chat support

  • Email support

  • Social Media

  • Mailing Address

If you talk about refunds, you can opt for any options above. However, the quickest of these is chat support, while others might take time.

So reading the formation above, you can get in touch with Ryanair Refund anytime. Moreover, if you are a member of Ryanair, you can also log in to your account as you get more personalised help.