Things To Do In Mongolia Tour Package

Mongolia is another landlocked country in Central Asia and is one of the highest in the world with an average altitude of 1580 meters above sea level. Surrounded by mountains, it is known that half of the population is Bedouin, who reside on their lands without a fence to protect them or their property. While some people brag about this lifestyle as cruel, especially during the winter season, I think this is what makes Mongolians really unique and special - they are brave, flexible, strong and very humble. Absolutely true, I was sitting next to a beautiful Mongolian lady on the plane who was with her child and did not stop smiling and talking to me and many Bedouin families greeted me in their homes and camps, and I met many locals who showed me how honest and hospitable they are. A big thank you to Deggie from Vast Steppe Mongolia for arranging my itinerary to be one of my kids to try out the well-kept beauty of your country! If there was one place that I kept coming back to, it would be Mongolia. Here are some things you can do in the Mongolia tour package during your visit.

  • Explore Ulaanbaatar

Before indulging in a Bedouin lifestyle, why not treat yourself with some luxury? Ulan Bator has 5-star hotels, shopping malls and many restaurants including Japanese and Korean. Gorgeous! Some of the places you must visit are the Genghis Khan Statue complex, the National History Museum and the Gandantegchinlen Monastery. Your visit to this city will surprise you with the infamous Natural Parks - Gorkhi-Terelj (where you will be able to see the infamous Turtle Rock) and Hustai National Park.

  • Go Horseback Riding

I know this doesn't excite you much but I tell you that horseback riding in Mongolia is an exceptional experience. You will see how green this country is, and it will cross rivers. You will also encounter locals who tend to their flocks who will give you a real smile and a warm welcome.

  • Stop by an Ovoo/Oboo

These are piles of stones and wood stacked on top of each other that you see frequently from the mountains. While it may seem just a nude skeleton, it does have a very special meaning for the Mongols. This is, in fact, a shrine used to honor souls and Mother Earth. Stop with one and turn three times for a safe trip. If you are in a hurry, asking the driver to take care is enough.