An Amazing Book Tour For The Book Lovers Around The World

Whether you are a bookish person or not you must visit the incredible bookstores that come along your way. From the artistically intricate bookstore in Portugal to the exceptional bookstore of Brussels, we have arranged a list of some inspiring bookstores which have enough fervor to attract their audience. 
These bookstores offer a diverse variety of books for every kind of reader. As Neil Geiman said that “a town is not a town until it has a bookstore” so, while travelling doesn’t forget to visit these incredible bookstores and get you curled with one of the books while enjoying soothing vacations.
Livraria Lello e Irmao- Porto, Portugal:

This place has a history of hundred and forty six years. It was establish in 1869 and the architectural excellence of this place can never be undermined. The magnificent neo Gothic style stained glass ceilings and the beautiful curvaceous red staircase along with a display of lovely books, gives this place a unique air of embellished splendor.

What makes it more famous is that many scenes of Harry Potter were filmed in this book store. It is also a flagship store of many publishing houses and you can have the widest choice of books on English, French and Portuguese literature. So don’t miss the opportunity to visit it once you are in Portugal.
El Ateneo Grand Splendid-Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Have you ever imagined a book shop in a theater setting? If not then get ready to have this amazing and unusual spectacle of a theatrical book store. This book store is being transformed from a theatre with rows of book shelves on the original balcony. The interior of the theatre is almost the same as it was; with an addition of ornately lined book shelves.

The stage is also utilized by adding up the twist to the beautiful setting. A small café is positioned on the stage where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while reading a book or have some snacks while admiring the spectacular site of multiple rows of books. You should not leave Buenos Aires until you visit this place.
Libreria Altair-Barcelona Spain:

It’s a book store like no other and is distinctive due to the collection of travel related books it offers. It most certainly is the best travel guide in all the Europe and will definitely help a traveler to get inspiration for his next travelling endeavor. The book store has a large scale of travel guide books, variety of maps, art and culture related books, adventure guides and extensive detailed material on every area of Spain. You can enjoy going through any travel literature on a comfortable couch in the book store and get yourself enthused about the new travelling destinations.
Cafebreria el Pendulo, Mexico City, Mexico:

This unique and quirky book store cum café bar is an enticing experience for the book lovers. The interior of the book store is decorated with real live plants to add greenery and freshness to the lovely abode. The book store offers a large variety of books in English and Spanish and a helping staff to help you find a book of your choice.

This lovely book store will make you spend hours lingering on the comfy couches in the book store while having a good read along with coffee and scrumptious pastries. The atmosphere of the place is further enhanced by the classic live music being played in the store creating a perfect symphony with the tranquil environment. Get cheap flights to Mexico for an intriguing holiday and pay a visit to this fascinating place.
Corso Como Store- Milan, Italy:

It is arguably the best store in Italy where you can find everything including latest fashion accessories, boutiques, a courtyard café, an art gallery and an amazing book store with an array of books. The beautiful interior of this book store is quite elegant and welcoming. You can have a mixed experience all rolled up in one place.

The shoppers can shop around their favorite shops or get their favorite book from the multi shelved contemporary style book store and get themselves comfortable with delicious delights in the garden café. It’s a complete jam packed experience in single place.
Eslite Dunnan Store- Taipei, Taiwan:

While visiting Taiwan If you desire a tranquil place to relax and enjoy your leisure time, then why not get hold of your favorite book and read it to your heart’s content. To serve the purpose this bookstore is the right place for you. The ambiance and tranquility of this place will make you spend hours without getting tired of it. It is open 24/7 and offers a large number of books and periodicals.

The book store is quite a happening place as a number of book lovers seeking solace visit this place. And after your are done reading, you can also get an appetizing dinner from one of the exquisite local hotels and cafés in the store’s neighborhood.
Boekhendal Selexyz Dominicanen-Maastricht, Netherlands:

This epic book store is certainly a cool place to visit and get you a beautiful book. It was an old church and was later on transformed by the architects Merkx + Girod into a splendid book store. The whole book store now seems like a fusion of Gothic architectures and contemporary design. The interior of this historical place has a majestic site of a church with high ornately carved ceilings, massive stained glass windows and an assortment of book shelves lined in a proper manner. No doubt the experience of this place will be an inspiration for your future visits to Maastricht. You can book low-costflight to Netherlands and have an amazing experience visiting this place.
Cook and Book-Brussels, Belgium:

This super unique bookstore is an innovative and interesting sight. Located in the heart of Brussels the bookstore is actually a restaurant and a book shop. It is comprised of 9 different thematic rooms with different interior and books are available along with varied themes.
These include English literature, fiction, cookbooks, arts, music, travel and graphic. The room is decorated and food is served according to the themes. You can also enjoy reading while eating on the terrace. The whole idea of the bookstore gives it a distinctive character. A genius combo such as this must deserve a visit.