How Do I Speak To A Live Person At Intuit?

How do I speak to a human agent at Intuit?

Anyone from a professional background related to finances must be acquainted with the software developer Intuit. The mentioned company brandishes an immensely impressive portfolio of various accounting and financial software products that are used all around the globe.

With products like QuickBooks, which can boast of having a near-monopoly in the accounting business, and the colossal number of Intuit consumers, the need for an Intuit customer service takes up immense weightage as even a slight glitch can invite a host of troubles for the people worldwide. The next couple of sections discuss Intuit customer care, and one can read on to know more.

What are the different Intuit Customer service options?

  • One can call the Intuit customer service team's voice support department to directly talk to an Intuit representative.

  • Apart from this, Intuit has standalone customer service teams for each of its software. 

  • Thus, someone using QuickBooks can connect to the QuickBooks customer care team directly.

  • All of these teams are branches of Intuit's customer service itself.

  • One can also use the social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to connect to the official Intuit portal.

How do I reach out to QuickBooks customer care?

The official Intuit website contains all the contact details and the different options to get Intuit customer support. One can use their most up-to-date web browser to access these details, as some options may work smoothly with an updated browser. The following steps will let one know how to get to the Intuit customer service details on the web:

Call Intuit voice team:

  • One would have to get on the Intuit homepage first and then scroll to the bottom of this page to click on "Contact Us."

  • The browser will open a new web page containing all the support options one can avail of from Intuit.

  • Get to the middle of the page and look for "Product contact information."

  • This section will have four links in blue text, each for one of the Intuit Software one may be using.

  • The Intuit contact number is given at the end of this section. To reach out to an Intuit voice support agent, one can dial this number.

Contact a product-specific department:

Intuit has four primary software that it offers to its consumers worldwide. If you have been asking, "How do I speak to a live person at Intuit?" to get support on any of these software, then one can look past directly calling the Intuit support as each software has its dedicated customer service team. 

The details of these teams can be accessed by clicking the links in blue as described in the above section. One can use the live chat service or call the voice support team to get assistance on any of their issues or queries quickly.