How Do I Get In Touch With Wizz Air?

Get connected with Wizz Air

Flying has never been this easy. Although the services reach cities in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East as of now, this Hungarian Airlines is a star in the making. If you have had the chance to travel with this top-notch airline, you have experienced the true pleasure of traveling. People can feel the need to connect with this airline for a variety of reasons. If you seek to get in touch with Wizz Air, you are not the only one. Let the following points be your guiding light in this quest to reach this treasure.

You will need to,

  • Search for the official website on your browser. Many links are available to connect with Wizz Air, but the authentic one will have in the link.

  • Once you reach the colorful homepage of Wizz Air, go to the very bottom of the page and find the 'Customer Service' column. The first link, 'Booking With Wizz Air,' will take you closer to the support number.

  • On this page, you will see an old landline with a pink link box saying 'Call Centre Numbers,' select this, and you are almost done.

  • The new web page shows a blue drop-down to get the Wizz Air phone number right below Amelia's (the virtual chat-bot) picture.

  • This drop-down will give you the option to select your country. As soon as you select your country, the call center number specific to it will appear. Now you just have to dial this number, and you will get the service you came here for.

  • You can also choose to see all the regions' call center numbers. You can see a pink 'See All Numbers' link to the right of the country selection box. This will open the list of international call numbers.

  • This page shows the support number and will inform you about the applicable rates and a day-by-day description of the active time for the call centers. The site has a very comprehensive Wizz Air customer service phone number list.

Other methods to connect with Wizz Air

In addition to the customer care details, you can also try out other modes of contact.

  • Amelia: The chat-bot is the first thing that greets you on the support number page. People can talk to the chat-bot by clicking on the big question mark inside a pink circle near the bottom.

  • Special Assistance Call Centre: Below the working hours, another call center number dedicated to special assistance is present.

  • Email Id: You can also opt to connect via email. On the same page, 'Press Office' tab. When you expand it, you see that apart from the Wizz Air phone number, you also have a dedicated email service for each country. 

  • Complaint Form: Unfortunately, if an experience has left a bitter mark on you, you have the right to raise it through the complaint form. The link for the same is present under the 'Complaint' drop-down.

In addition to these features, you will be surprised to see many more contact details and email services available on this page. This is your all-in-one place for all your Wizz Air-related queries. With such an experienced and understanding staff, it's only a matter of asking the right question at the right time.