How Can International Students Apply For A Portugal Student Visa?

How Can International Students Apply For a Portugal Student Visa?

Are you looking to study in Portugal? If yes, then you will have to determine whether you need a study visa for Portugal or not. Immigration rules differ from state to state.

The following article is everything related to who can apply for a Portugal Student Visa, how to apply for a student visa, and types of student visas. It even talks about the eligibility requirements for international students. So, read below to learn everything about the Portuguese Student Visa.

Who Can Apply For A Portugal Student Visa?

The laws attached with Portuguese study visas are likewise those in many other EU (European Union) nations. If you have plans to travel to Portugal from any EU or EFTA nation, there is no need for a student visa. However, you’ll need to get a certification of residence from the city council of your state if you stay for over 3 months.

On the other hand, those not from any EU nation will require a student visa if they want to study within Portugal for more than 3 months. They’ll need a residence permit, too. Portugal student visa will have to be attained from the Portuguese consulate/embassy of your native country before you arrive in Portugal.

For enrolment in a short-term study program (less than 3 months), the nationals of some non-EU states do not require a student visa. They can come to Portugal without any restriction having only a passport with a 6-months validity.

Following is the list of a few nations whose residents don’t need a visa for short-term visits to Portugal:

1.      Barbados

2.      Burundi

3.      Comoros

4.      Congo

5.      Ghana

6.      India

7.      Iran

8.      Iraq

9.      Jamaica

10.  Jordan

11.  Kuwait

12.  Kyrgystan

13.   Senegal

14.  Switzerland

15.  Sri Lanka

16.  South Africa

17.  Tunisia

18.  Turkey 

Types of Student Visas for Portugal

1.      Portugal student visas and residence permits

2.      Schengen short-term visa

3.      Portugal residence permit for researchers

How to Apply For a Portugal Student Visa?

You’ll have to apply for a Portugal Student Visa at the Portuguese consulate/embassy in your native country.

For studying here, you’ll too need to have gained prior approval onto a study program at a Portuguese school/college.

To apply for a short-term visa (up to 3 months), you’ll need the following documents:

1.      A valid travel ID or passport

2.      Health insurance

3.      Passport-sized photographs

4.      Evidence of enough funds for supporting yourself in Portugal

5.      Travel itinerary

6.      Approval letter from a Portuguese school or college

7.      Proof of accommodation

8.      Police clearance certificate

To apply for residence permits, if your program lasts more than 3 months, you’ll need to present these documents:

1.      A valid visa

2.      A valid passport

3.      Recent passport-sized photos

4.      Evidence of finances

5.      Health insurance

6.      Police clearance certificate

7.      Evidence of payment of tuition fees

8.      Evidence of accommodation

Following the student visa application submission, the approval procedure can take about a couple of months to process. The processing time varies from country to country.