Digital Marketing Trends You Should Consider In 2022

Digital Marketing Trends You Should Consider in 2022

We all knew that the year 2021 has a lot of marketers struggling to keep up in the market. It was a year like no other, really, with current events adequately shaping digital marketing trends. At this serious point, purchasers are productively shopping on the web, which is why many organizations have taken their business online to be in touch with their potential customers. With this huge expansion and conversion in the online showing, the competition between multiple organizations is quite high.
There are multiple brands that are recruiting digital marketing as they are young and equipped with advanced advertising patterns. But while there has been a shift towards online strategies, let’s not forget that digital marketing and its shift towards new trends. Being a business person you should know that the shift has already taken place, but has been stimulated.

And some of the strategies are achieving popularity not because they are new on the scene. But because they are sticked in the market for so long. To develop their business in this period of contrary market changes, entrepreneurs and marketers must acknowledge both the new and the tried digital marketing strategies to stand out in the competition in 2022. In this article, we are going to cover the new digital marketing trends of 2022.

2022 Digital Marketing Trends - Find What’s NEW

Let’s have a look at new Digital Marketing Trends to help you stay at the forefront of the market.

  • In-email purchases and super-sophisticated targeting 

Yes, email marketing has been in the trends for ages, but it has always included adding links to the body of the email which direct readers to the blog post, product page or landing page. However, according to Tom Klein (The Vice president of Marketing at MailChimp), “Subscribers will be able to make purchases right inside a marketing campaign without leaving their inboxes”. The campaigns will serve you with app-like exposure along with embedded video and other interactivity.”

This is why eCommerce businesses find email to be the apt medium of learning about their customers' learning, their feedback, recommended products, and generating sales. This will become more trending in the near future.

  • Progressive Web applications (PWAs)

This is a relatively new digital marketing trend in that it started in 2018 with large companies such as Flipkart, Wikipedia, The Financial Times. When the professionals launched PWA on their website they saw a 4x enhancement in conversion rate year-over-year. The conversion rate for users who have visited their websites multiple times has seen an increase of 3X sales. 

PWA may now start to become popular in 2021 for all business sizes. However, having a responsive website can help in improving user experience, but remember even then you can experience hassles in your business. As when it comes to reliability, a web application is only as reliable as its network connection. Which is why, if you have a slow or uncertain connection, the PWA might also load or function slowly. And if your network is strong then your progressive web application will perform very smoothly. Everyone is aware of the importance of engaging customers to the website. PWA is easy to use and launches your website easily.

  • Virtual reality technique gives a memorizing look to your website

Virtual Reality is the use of computer technology to create simulated environments. It allows you to experience and interact with a 3D world that isn’t real by putting on a head-mounted display. The device creates a 3D virtual environment, which is mesmerizing and almost authentic. The engagement of potential VR makes it an important tool for learning as well as for entertainment. If used carefully, it can help your users to create a range of proficiency and talents. There are multiple types of VR available in the market:

  • Fulldive VR

  • Youtube VR

  • Drone Software

A Drone is an aerial automatic machine that is controlled by a person or artificial intelligence. Drones are expected to be fully automated in the near future.  Now, you must be thinking What is the need to learn about drone software development? It is because the drone industry is considered to become the next high-growth market in 2022. Once the regulatory system frees up the airspace for drones will cause exponential growth in growth.

It is expected to happen much sooner as the FAA is recently investigating the best method for unlocking the airspace for drones. When this happens, it will cause a great demand for engineers and developers to know everything about its software so that they can create autonomous drone applications.

  • Artificial intelligence

Approximately, 42% of marketers believe they are not very good at segmentation for digital exposures. Most marketers assume that people prefer one thing over another. However, these alternatives are difficult to track. Yet, they are necessary for marketers to know their targeted audience.

AI can analyze demographic data much more effectively than humans doing it manually. It can learn about every detail of the personal preference of a user. Your profile information purchases, demographic information, or browsing history may be taken into account by an application to help and support you with what you require.


Apart from staying in touch with the latest digital marketing trends, it is necessary to know what is relevant to you and what is not. These trends are domain-based, industry-specific, and sometimes based on the type of business you have. Try to focus on some particular case studies when it comes to what is a marketing trend or which one is making rounds in the market currently. Be the first one to set examples for other marketers, by experimenting with some new trends. And in case these new digital marketing trends work for you, they will soon turn out to be current marketing trends. Apart from that, you can also contact us to get some comprehensive, customized current marketing trends to help your business set apart from others.