Best Tips To Increase Views On Your Youtube Channel

A YouTube career is something that is increasingly attracting a lot of enthusiastic talented youngsters. Youtube has transformed the digital space once and for all with its platform and being a content creator on youtube is certainly something that is considered to be a viable option for many in the current climate. However it has to be said that setting up a channel and ensuring that your channel survives, grows and ultimately strives is hard work. It requires dedication and commitment no doubt, but a better understanding of the technical aspects of video optimization will help you to overtake the competition. 

In this article today, we will talk about a few things that can help you increase your views on your youtube channel in the short as well as the long run. The main focus of this article will be on optimizing SEO requirements so that your videos can rank higher in targeted searches as this will immediately help you to boost your views. 

Considering the fact that Youtube is actually the second most-visited site on the internet, analyzing SEO optimization mechanisms will be an investment that is well worth your time. So let's dive into a few important elements that can help you to understand how to increase views on youtube. 

Tips to optimize SEO and increase views on youtube free of cost

=> Importance of Titles 

Whenever you consider the advertisement of anything, let alone a youtube video, an engaging and well-thought-out title can act as a game-changer. Although we would not recommend you to go on the dreaded path of “clickbait titles”, there are ways in which you can ensure that your title stands out in some way from the rest. 

One of the ways in which some popular channels use titles to boost views involves the use of hyperbole or somewhat dramatic exaggerations. It’s also important for a good title to be informative and clear about what the video content is about. A decent knowledge of keywords is another useful way in which you can increase views on youtube free of cost. Inserting your keywords tactically while also keeping the title somewhat conversational is another great way to optimize titles. 

=> Optimizing videos for visibility 

It's vital not only that your videos attract attention, but also that they actually manage to reach out to the individuals who are looking for them or are likely to see them. According to research, Youtube videos show up in about 70 percent of total Google searches. 

So it's crucial to be able to ensure SEO optimization to increase views of youtube free of cost. You can use tags for instance to make your videos more friendly to the algorithm so that it gets pushed out to more people. A higher number of likes, views, and engagement in the comments section is also good for the algorithm that can make your video viral if it’s your day. 

=> Audience Demand and Engagement

There is an old saying that the “customer is always right”. However, in this case, we will tweak it slightly and say for Youtube creators, the audience and its demand is always right. In other words, it's always good to listen to your existing subscriber base and try to gauge from them what type of content they would like to see. 

This can also be a great option if you have been making a certain type of video and want to venture out into more dynamic territory. Audience engagement through polls, pinned comments etc can prove to be invaluable in boosting the algorithm and tell you exactly how to increase views on youtube videos. Another tried and tested way of increasing viewer engagement is by doing things such as giveaways, running content for your subscribers with potential gifts and community perks etc. 

=> Cross-Promotion of Videos 

Cross-Promotion is another useful way in which you can promote your own videos on your channel. In effect, you are driving traffic from one video to another video and this can often prove to be lucrative when it comes to methods and ways in which you can increase views on youtube. 

It's best to lead into the topic of directing the viewer to another one of your videos while they are watching a different one. The goal should be to ensure an organic transition from the topic of the video being viewed to a somewhat related video that is relevant for the viewer. 

=> Targeting Search Results 

Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing see a tremendous amount of traffic every day. It is thus useful to try and cater your videos in a way where they could show up on possible search results. Product review videos that have the most used keywords and videos covering keyword-based topics have been known to be especially good for the algorithms. This can also help your case if you are looking for new content ideas. For instance, if you are planning to set up a gaming channel,live streams are probably the most valuable thing that you can do. 

=> Try Live Streaming 

Live Streaming is another great way to boost the algorithm and bring in more engagement with your core viewer base. This can be used better in some genres as opposed to others but regardless of categories, you can use this tool effectively to create more organic engagement and build a human touch to the discourse. Streaming can be a really useful tool to increase views on youtube videos as the streaming video stays on your channel for others to watch later. 


In this article today we tried to give you a few important tips on how to increase views on youtube for your channel. Keep in mind that these pointers are basic things that you should be aware of and are by no means exhaustive of all that is required to get viral on Youtube. It's a complex process involving a lot of  factors. We hope we could make some sense of it in this article so that you can have a more nuanced idea about things such as SEO optimization and targeted keyword usage to increase views on youtube.