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How Do You Get Rid Of Self-doubt And Inferiority Complex

How do you get rid of self-doubt and inferiority complex

How do you get rid of self-doubt and inferiority complex 

Self-doubt means the person is not confident about his/ her abilities, actions. If you doubt yourself no one in the world will believe you. The toxic effects of self-doubt will gradually shatter anyone's self-confidence, lowering self-esteem. Such intense feelings, inadequacies, weaknesses, and insecurities can lead to inferiority complex. Both inferiority complex and self-doubt are unresourceful state of mind, If you can't get out of here and reach the resourceful state, success will not come. Self-doubt is a heavy burden on us, and it is really difficult to move forward on the path of success without getting rid of this burden. 

Everybody doubts himself at some points or another. The question 'can I do it'? or 'am I on the right track'? etc arises at that moment. Extremely successful people also suffer from such self-doubt, but at this point they say such things in such a way to themselves that take them to the next level. 


Usually in most cases we neglect our abilities, our qualifications, our special qualities and our passion. Most people like to lean towards the stream. Ignoring own identity,without trying to find oneself, wants to go the traditional way in the hope of getting sequrity and sure results. As a result, they may not be able to perceive when they are lost in the current. When they open their eyes, they can no longer believe in themselves. Suffering from inferiority complex begins with such self-doubt. 

Many times self-doubt arises from following up and imitation and from there inferiority begins. Following up or imitating the right person can give very good results but if our method i.e. the way we imitate or follow someone is not right then our result will not be suitable. Without proper results our self-doubt will be born and we will suffer from inferiority complex. Negative thoughts, nagetive questions will arises to your mind when you are working hard, giving efforts in a certain direction but you are not getting results and naturally those thoughts are very relevant. If you do not patiently try to find the answers correctly, you will doubt yourself and suffer from inferiority complex. 


There are many more important reasons for suffering from inferiority complex and self-doubt, such as past experience, afraid of failure or loss, giving more importance on other people's words, seeking advice from wrong person, comparing oneself with others. 

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