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Significant Rewards Of The Minor Pilgrimage

Umrah (the minor pilgrimage) is among the most beautiful Sunnah of our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). Millions of Muslim pilgrims arrive voluntarily in the city of Makkah all-round the year with their Cheap Hajj Umrah Packages by Baitullah Travel to offer the holy rituals. Though Umrah pilgrimage is non-obligatory for Muslims, the bounties, as well as the significance it holds for pilgrims, are no less than that of obligatory Hajj pilgrimage. That is the reason why Umrah is also often termed as a minor/lesser form of Hajj i.e., Minor Pilgrimage.

One can travel for Umrah rituals at any time of the year because the umrah season lasts all-around the year. However, the days of Hajj are excluded because of the performance of the holy rituals of obligatory pilgrimage at that time by the pilgrims.

Here’s a brief description of the significant rewards of the minor pilgrimage.

Being Allah’s guest

Narrated by Hazrat Abu Hurairah (RA), Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) said in a hadith; (description) three kinds of people are the guest of Allah;

  • The Ghazi (the soldier that clashed in Jihad for the sake of Allah Almighty).
  • The Haji (a pilgrim that visits the house of Allah Almighty for practicing Hajj rituals during the month of Dhu-al-Hijjah).
  • The Mu’tamir (a pilgrim who visits Makkah to observe Umrah rituals).

So, when a guest (Pilgrim) of Allah Almighty asks something from his creator, the Almighty surely blesses him with it.

Forgiveness from Allah Almighty

Umrah is one of the greatest opportunities for a believer to ask Allah Almighty for forgiveness and repent on sins. Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) narrated in a hadith that Allah erases the entire past sins of the person practicing Hajj and Umrah with honest intentions.

So, the pilgrim of Umrah, after accomplishing the rites of Umrah comes out free of sins just as the newborn baby (who is also free from worldly sins and wrong deeds). However, it is only possible when the rituals are offered with righteous intentions.

It is also essential for the pilgrim that he/she also try and practice the righteous path after completing umrah rituals i.e., avoid wrongdoings.

Jihad equivalence

Jihad is the most significant and highly rewarding form of worship in Islam because its reward is Martyrdom. However, for Jihad in Islam, there are certain rules and regulations. Among those rules, it’s only permissible for young and adult men to take part in Jihad i.e., women, elderly people, ill ones, and children cannot do jihad.
So, for those who cannot take part in Jihad physically i.e., women, elderly people, children, or ill; Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) narrated that reward of Umrah is equivalent to performing Jihad for them.

These are some of the significant rewards of the Minor pilgrimage for Muslims.