The Linguistic Diversity And The World

It is the beauty and enormous ability of a human brain that over seven thousand of languages are spoken around the world.  This common but intricate structure of brain is miracle in itself, it is so intricately flexible that though the all these languages are different from each other in sequence, grammar, structure and lexicon etc. it fits into the human brain. Gain perfection in language with the help of OET, IELTS and PTE training, review and exam in Sharjah.

The languages are different from each other and it surely influences our behaviour and it can be experienced by anybody except monolingual.       

‘To have a second language is like to have a second soul’ was said by a famous king in history as Charles the Great or Charlemagne, he was a roman emperor. Another Roman emperor Charles V said, “A man who knows four languages worth four men”.  This shows the significance of learning more than one language besides all the theories developed recently with the help of experiments. 

The good institutes those are engaged with the learners advocate that at least a child should become a bilingual, especially in the case of pre-school learners. This all because human brain of a bilingual keep on exercising and this keeps the brain healthy and fit to cope with any question that requires logical solutions. A brain of bilingual has precedence over the brain of monolingual because it makes the use neural sources in a better way to solve the problems that require logical solutions. Score good marks at OET exams in Sharjah!

There are a lots of question raised related to bilingual versus monolingual, and for some of them the lights are casted upon with the help of less but latest evidences given below

Do languages shift our perspectives while we switch to speak one language to another?

Cognition’s early effect

First and foremost thing is that how the people perceive the world outside and then it can be said that this unique perception towards the outside world can be affected in the early cognition process. So it can be said that if the early perception is affected then further it will influence the entire cognition process going to take place.  With the help of best IELTS training in Sharjah elevate your IELTS review.  

Lexical diversity and Eloquence

The language is called rich on the basis of lexical diversity or in other words a language is said to be more efficient if it has large lexicon diversity. In this sentence it can be easily understood that many languages are rich by the existence of verbs and nouns etc., while the other languages are less eloquent because they have less categories in part of speech. For example there is no word exists for the colour blue, while in other languages like English it exists. Discover the language secrets with IELTS and PTE review in Sharjah.

Grammatical Gender    

The grammatical gender is a big issue you need to understand this way the in some languages a country is addressed as feminine gender, while in some languages it is mentioned as masculine. The heavenly body like sun is considered as feminine in a group of language like Spanish while masculine in German. The moon is masculine in Spanish and feminine in German.


It is for sure that languages change our perspectives which is also called personality shift. The other reasons of personality shift are that any second language that a person speaks may produce entirely different scenario when it comes to general things for example in a language spoken by sub-original people of the continent of Australia do not say left or right and rather they say for example ‘A dog stands at the north of me’, ‘Park the car at the southwest of the building,’ etc. 

Some languages like Arabic is read from right to left while other group of languages example English is written or read from left to right. So here one thing is to consider that if there are symbols of product services displayed on an Arabic shop the sequence starts from right to left and if it is displayed on an English speaking country’s shop the sequence starts from left to right. So we can say that the case of personality shift is true and proved by the researchers.