Power And Passion. Digitrac’s Deadly Combo For Its Biggest Tractor Till Date!

What makes a tractor powerful? Actually, let’s look at it this way. What makes a tractor really powerful? Is it just the power coming from the raw engine itself? Or is there something more to it? Well, for most tractor brands it is about perfecting the marriage between top-level technology and ease-of-use when it comes to making powerful tractors. But there are some tractor manufacturers and brands which go above and beyond in their efforts to make some of the most powerful tractors you could ever find. And before you wonder, yes, the focus is on making the engine bigger. But with exceptional brands like these, it’s only the first step. It’s just them getting started to make something powerful, something unique, something truly, truly legendary.

If asked, “which brands make some of the best tractors in India?” there are certainly names that would immediately come to your mind. But today, it’s time to make room both in your head and in your heart for Digitrac. Not only is it just a great tractor manufacturer, Digitrac is a pioneer when it comes to making tractors accessible to each and everyone in the country. How do they do that you ask? Well, in the most obvious, yet the most unique way possible. By offering fully-featured tractors, tractor services, and even tractor repairs, all of which customers receive right at their doorstep! But coming back to our question, what exactly is it about a Digitrac tractor that makes it stand out from the crowd? Well, let’s just look at some specs:

●        60HP @2000 RPM

●        540 + MRPTO

●        8F+2R Constant Mesh gearbox

●        Double Clutch Transmission

●        1800 kg Hydraulic Heavy Lift


Now, when you’re done looking at all those numbers individually, just take a minute to see and appreciate how those specs come together and work together. Try and imagine the kind of potential such a tractor could have for any farmer who gets their hands on this, at least on paper, seemingly extraordinary piece of machinery. Could you possibly calculate what the experience would be like of farming with such a tractor would be like first-hand, on an open field? Well, to understand exactly what a tractor like the Digitrac 51i offers, let’s first look at how those specs work together and what it means for the everyday farmer:

Pure Power: With 60HP literally at your feet, there is probably no hurdle, no obstacle, no challenge you as a farmer could ever face when we’re talking in terms of the ability of the tractor to outperform not only its competition, but on a good day, perhaps even itself.

Shift: While moving a tractor around which has the capability of delivering 60HP anytime you want, there is also a great need for control. And while the customisable steering wheel covers do a fantastic job at offering you an exact option of maneuverability, what comes in perhaps more handy, more universally is the mesh gearbox. Now, mesh gearbox is not only about the number of forward and reverse gears you’ve got. It is also about the ratio in which you have to change those gears depending on the size of the field you’re working with and the kind of crops you’re growing on a regular, maybe even seasonal, basis. The idea here is that the easier it is for you to maintain a higher RPM without putting excessive (or ideally any) stress on the engine, the better your power to performance ratio is going to be. What it amounts to at the end of the day, is higher productivity gained through extreme precision and efficiency.

Lift: Finally, with a highly powerful engine and the ability to move your tractor at your whim, what else could a great tractor possibly have to offer? Well, there is one thing, lift. Basically it tests the tractor’s ability of not only being able to carry loads behind its back (which is something that we often see tractors do), but also its ability to manage all kinds of tractor implements in the most efficient, effective and productive way possible.

So, with all that in mind, if you are a farmer who is looking to buy tractor models in India which not only pack a punch when it comes to pure power, but also have the quality build and utility to actually make it shine, then the Digitrac 51i is the perfect tractor for you!