10 Best Seo Techniques To Rank A Website 2022

10 Best SEO Techniques to Rank A Website 2022

Do not worry if you do not know how to implement SEO in your blog or website, then you can hire SEO service company, so they can apply SEO Techniques properly on your website or blog, and then your blog or website will appear correctly on the search engine and this will make your online grow. Some techniques are-

#1 Video Optimization

Not only is the content enough to rank a website in 2021 but we can also add videos to our content to customize it. We also need to customize the video with the right details like title and meta description and help to rank video content faster.

#2 Quality Vs Quantity

Time and again we see bloggers filling their blogs with irrelevant articles. The quality of articles over quantity is also very important.

#3 Use of SEO Tools

It's important to use SEO tools like semrush and ahrefs to thoroughly audit your website regularly for any errors and modifications.

#4 User Interface (UI)

The user interface is the most important factor in a website's popularity. If the user does not have the first impression of the site he will never see it again, a good User Interface is important because it can turn potential visitors to buyers as it facilitates interactions between the user and your website or web application. An interface is a point where a users interact with the website they're using it.

#5 Site Speed

There is a problem with the website or code mechanics if the loading site loader takes more than 2-3 seconds to load, A fast site speed will result in a better user experience, while a slow site speed will result in a poor user experience. A user is typically staying on a site longer if the site speed is faster and they also convert better and bounce less. For those reasons, Google has made it a ranking factor.

#6 Image optimization

Images play an important role in the work of a website. These images can break the site or even increase the loading time by more than 3 seconds if not compressed properly.

#7 Keyword Research

An important aspect of page SEO technology is keyword research. If we rank on keywords that don't have a volume, we won't get the desired results and therefore it will reduce traffic to blogs or websites.

#8 Text Optimization

Another important consideration in page SEO techniques is text optimization or content as we call it. If you're a blogger you know one thing is "Content IS KING". No one with proper content forgets the ranking or reputation for reading our blog. It is important to write valuable content and "do not make important stopwatches". Keyword stuffing is the phenomenon through which a blogger posts keywords with no sense of post everywhere in their posts.

The length of a post with relevant pictures should be about 1000 - 2000 words. Don't add more than 3 to 4% of content keywords. It is important that the content should not be copied from third party websites otherwise the article will not rank. In simple terms it should be unique.


Meta tags are an important part of a website or blog and give important information about web pages. Meta tags can be of three types -

  1. Keywords
  2. Description
  3. Author

Tags won't go into more syntax, these can be found on tutorial sites such as w3schools and java t points. The keyword part of the meta tag should be clear to people with basic knowledge of HTML. In detail you need to insert the relevant details of the page and the keyword at the beginning of the description. The author's tag itself is explanatory and should have the name of the blogger or author on it.

#10 Heading & Alt Tags

Finally, we will discuss heading tags and image alt tags. Heading tags are from H1 to H6 where H1 is the largest title and H6 is the lowest. Image optional tags are used to specify alternative text for the image. It's best practice to use long-tail keywords in specific image alt tags.


Here if you are focusing on these top 10 points when you're creating a blog website then these main topics have you to rank well in any search engine.