Organizing Your Event: Home Party Vs. Venue Party


If you are on a tight budget and the money you have are actually only allotted for the foods and some decorations for your party, then home party will be the best one for you. Another thing is that you have the freedom to make the decoration you want and turn the event into anything you want. You can simply order the foods you’d like to have and set up a band outside or even place a speaker for the music to keep the party alive. You can also consider BYO (bring your own) if some of your guests might want some alcohol and maybe some of the food that are not in your menu which can also add to the foods for the guests. For sure most guests doesn’t mind the BYO option for home parties since if you will be having a venue party, they will still gonna end up paying even much bigger amounts if you’ll be inviting them on the said venue.

Imagine having all these advantages of having your party at home. But along with the advantages always comes the disadvantages.

Catering for an event will require you not only 1 day of preparation. You need to take note of the time, the skills and most importantly the space to accommodate all your guests. One undeniable disadvantage of having a home party is that you’ll be the one to do it all, unless you will be able to find someone to help you and it’s going to be tiring for sure. Another thing is about security. Having your party at home, you will no longer be able to check on who gets in and out of your house when you get too busy accommodating your guests. Lastly, the accommodation and entertainment. You cannot actually do both at the same time especially when you got a lot of guests who came in. But on the other hand, you know there should be something to keep them entertained so they won’t find your party a boring one.


Upon hearing the word “venue”, the first thing that will pop up your mind for sure is a decorated place with food catering and live band all waiting for you. And second will be the price. Right? Venue party maybe really pricey, but all that you will ever need is here. From the theme of the party, the decorations, the arrangement of the chairs for your guests, the entertainment and most importantly the food – that is all included. You can even have a security for your party. All you will need to do is come make inquiries on different function venues around your area and pick the right one that will suit your budget. There are a lot of businesses out there that offers function rooms for different occasions such as 21st birthday party celebrations (or birthdays of any ages), wedding party, engagement party and even corporate party, but you should pick the one that aims to make every celebration a memorable one for you.

You won’t even need to hassle  with the cooking , cleaning and accommodating your guests as when you hire a venue for your party, you will be completely assisted by experienced function teams.

Take a look at all these things you need to consider especially if you are seeking for some advice regarding the place for your next event to take place. And whether you come up doing a home party or a venue party, make sure that you won’t miss anything and that’s gonna be an absolute success!