How To Redecorate Your Alloy Wheel At Home?

If there’s one thing that we’d love to flaunt to our family and friends, then that’s our vehicle. Our cars are prized possessions. We’ll do all the necessary things to keep the look of our car charismatic and enchanting. There are many things that add to the great look of your vehicle. It can be the colour or the design of your vehicle that looks appealing to everyone. Another thing that makes our car look like a million bucks is the kind of wheels fitted to our vehicle. 


Most of the people like going for the AVUS alloy wheels. They give a sophisticated look to the car. If your alloy wheels are diamond-cut alloy wheels, then that’s like an icing on the cake. But it’s not all the time that they keep looking like new. With regular usage, your shiny alloy wheels tend to lose their shine and this affects the appearance of the car adversely. Refurbishing alloy wheels from a professional can cost quite a lot of money. 


So, what does one do about it? Well, in that case, you can revamp your alloy wheels UK at home all by yourself. Yes! That’s possible now. It’s not any kind of rocket science, but you just need to have a little bit of skill. Here are some steps to do so yourself. 


What do you need to refurbish the wheels


Keep these handy and you won’t have any problems during the process. You need the following materials - 

·      A primer

·      Any paint of your choice

·      Sandpaper

·      A jack stand (for removing the wheel)

·      Other cleaning materials

·      A sanding mask

·      A masking tape


What are the steps to refurbish alloy wheels at home?


·      Remove the wheels


This first step is very important. It’s necessary that you remove the wheels. You might hear from people that they refurbish their wheels still fixed to their cars, but this isn’t the best way of doing it. Removing the wheels would give them a proper finish. This way, you can turn around the wheel and do your job properly. 


·      Clean the wheels


Clean your wheels thoroughly as you’re going to paint them in the next step.  A dirty wheel won’t look nice when painted. You can use a solution of soap and water to clean them perfectly. Dust builds up over time and that needs to be done away with. 


·      Mask your wheel


You need to use masking tape around the wheel, making the alloy visible. This way, the paint won’t get on the wheel. But make sure that that the wheel is absolutely dry before you do so. If required, deflate the tyre a little bit, so that you reach all parts without any hassle.


·      Sand the wheel


Wheels need to be sanded down accurately using sandpaper with a course grit. If the paint has flaked at places, you’ll need this course sandpaper to smoothen the surface. Make sure that you clean the AVUS alloy wheels with a dry cloth to get rid of any residue left from the sandpaper.


·      Filler to hide defects


Wheels, at times, tend to get kerbing marks or some other defects. You need to fill them with car body filler. Most of the fillers need 48 hours to dry. Again, use the sandpaper this time, with some less grit and smoothen this out. This will give a professional touch to your work.


·      Prime the wheels


Wash and dry your wheels before you begin to prime them. Shake the can well before you begin to apply primer on them. Apply thin coats of primer in even motions for the best look. Let the primer dry thoroughly.


·      Paint the wheel


Powder coat your wheels and apply several thin coats of it on the wheel. You can use rattle cans as well to cut down the cost drastically. Let each coat dry properly. Finally, apply a coat of lacquer once the paint dries up. 


By following the above method, your alloy wheels UK would look like new and you’d be proud of your work.