The Ideal Way To Apply For A Subclass 189 Visa

The Ideal Way to Apply for a Subclass 189 Visa

A skilled migration visa to Australia provides individuals who are skilled the chance to move to Australia to live and work. Currently, there are many skilled migration visas obtainable for those who want to immigrate to Australia for different purposes.

Sub class 189 visa to Australia is the most popular skilled migration visa. Continue reading the article to get more info about this type of visa.

More about Subclass 189 Visa

A Subclass 189 Visa is an invite-only permanent visa. This type of visa is intended for skilled employees that aren’t sponsored by any company/ employer. After obtaining the Subclass 189 Visa, you can stay permanently within Australia, register yourself in Australia’s healthcare, or apply for citizenship.

Who Can Apply for A Subclass 189 Visa?

In general, there are two streams that are under the Subclass 189 visa category. These are as follows:

1.         Points-Tested Stream

This stream is meant for relevant skilled employees invited to live and work within Australia on a permanent basis. To apply under this stream, one must comply with some prerequisites that include their age, occupation, employment experience, English proficiency, work capability, etc.  The applicant’ will decide the steps they would take for obtaining a successful immigration skills assessment result.

Eligibility requirements for a Subclass 189 point-tested stream:

·         The age of the applicant shouldn’t be more than 45.

·         They should prove that they have a fair skills assessment for their job.

·         They must get an “Invite to Apply” once they have submitted an Expression of Interest.

2.         New Zealand Stream

The NZ stream is completely different from the point-tested stream. The residents of NZ who meet the minimum residential and income requisites aren’t needed to undergo the procedure of Expression of interest (EOI) and invitation that applicants need to undergo in the point-tested stream. 

For NZ residents, the applicant should have resided within Australia for a minimum of 5 years before submitting their application. They should also confirm that they have taken steps to contribute optimistically to the country’s growth by earning a minimum of 53900 Australian Dollars in the past four years before submitting their application. They even needed to meet the health requisites stated by the Immigration Department of Australia.

Perks Of Having a Subclass 189 Visa

1.         The workers with essential skills can live and work within any city/province of Australia permanently.

2.         The skilled employee would have the chance to submit an application for citizenship only if they are entitled to.

3.         They can even sponsor their family members who are eligible for a PR.

What Is the Validity of An EOI?

After its submission, your Expression of Interest stays valid for two years. You can also get an ITA (Invite to Apply) for the visa at any instance. Prior to getting the ITA, you can always update your details on the site. That might raise your odds of getting the invitation. After getting the ITA, you cannot change your score.

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