Embroidery And The Fashion Industry

Embroidery is one fashion style that has always been around. Various trends have come and gone but clothing embroidery has been around for ages. From custom patches on denim jackets, to floral designed jeans to sophisticated patterns on dresses – embroidery is an extremely multitalented craft. Embroiderycan be used for the creation of various kinds of styles and fashion statements.

Whether a product has been created by hand or whether it is machine embroidered, several big brands and fashion designers have incorporated shirt embroidery and various other forms in their clothing lines. Several fashion designers have made a big name showcasing the craft of embroidery like – Alice Archer, Vita Kin, Asiya Bareeva, Natalie Tahhan, and so on. They are not the only designers occupied with embroidery. Big brands have also taken up the craft including active wear and sportswear brands. Clothing designhas undergone a revival in recent ages with many young people taking up the art. This art is mainly attractive as it affords artists a versatility that few crafts can manage.

How embroidery has changed in recent days?

Embroidery gives you the opportunity to make something your very own. From the days when women spent their time crocheting, tatting, sewing, embroidering, and passing on those skills to their daughters - to a very different age where it has caught up as a whole industry – times certainly have changed.

Various designers have taken up this craft and taken it to the next level. In fact, it is no longer only related to ladies clothing. Shirt embroidery is done in menswear, accessories, why even footwear these days. The choices are numerous, and it makes it look more personal and gives a tactile 3D effect to a design. Custom patches are being used in various kinds of products too. Many even come up with embroidery ideas to update or give a fresh new look to old clothes or accessories.

In today’s fast age where everything is related to instant gratification, where everything is just a click on your smartphone; something that can be as time consuming as embroideryon clothing brings a genuineness to products. It gives a calm feel; almost gives the product the look of a collector’s item.

Custom embroidery is the trend these days and has been seeing the limelight. Its not going anywhere anytime soon either. As compared to hand embroidery, machine embroidery takes much less time or effort. But it still gives a personal and classy touch; it gives a personal and slower attitude towards fashion.

A simple outfit can be given a lovely twist with some embroidery or custom patchesIts not limited to shirt embroidery; in fact, hats and caps have found their way into this industry too. Nothing screams more personal than getting something embroidered on your cap. Something that relates to you.

Something basic like even an apron can be made unique and personal with the slightest touch of embroidery business.

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