Long Code For A Long Run With Our Prolific Bulk Sms Services

Businesses, today, are no longer just about opening up a store and waiting for the customers to barge in. Technological advancements have allowed for business people to choose from a plethora of hi-tech tools for their success. SMS, e-mail, social media and the list goes on. Even within SMS, there are multiple options like Dedicated and Shared Short Code, Long Code, Voicemails, etc.

Today, we will talk about one in particular - the Long Code SMS and how it proves to be a great two-way communication platform for marketers and business enthusiasts to interact with the customers.Our simple, easy and instant 2-steps of providing our clients with super-beneficial Long Code Bulk SMS services in Delhi NCR:

1. Once you have finalised that you want to go forward with Long Code SMS, you can select the 10-digits number by yourself. 

2. The number becomes functional within a few hours and is ready for your use.

So, now, you have the power of Long Code SMS in your hands. Here's how it will enhance your bond with the customers and help your business grow:

1. One-to-one connection: Your customer-support and sales staff can easily focus on one person at a time instead of sending the same message to every customer.

2. Surveys and Feedback: A business grows when it knows where they might need to improve. Long Code allows users to send their valuable feedback without any hesitation.

3. Human Touch: When the customers know that they are not talking to a bot, but a human, they can open up honestly. It nurtures a natural, strong bond between the business and its customers.

4. One Number for All: Why bother your customers with two different numbers for calls and texts. Ourbusiness-growthspecialist bulk SMS service provider in Gurgaon can provide you with a Long Code Number that serves as both. This forms for you, a unified brand image in the market.

5. No "number-on-hold": Waiting on the phone while the customer-support has put you on hold, can be immensely infuriating. With auto-replies, as soon as a customer texts you, your auto-response text is sent instantly to the customer and you can right after call/text to solve the query.

In today's age of inter-connectivity, personalised-connection plays a vital role in customers' buying decisions. Long Code SMS, being a two-way conversation channel, fits the gap perfectly. The time to make your customers turn into one big family is now.

For any further assistance in learning about the service, our dedicated team is ready to share our expertise and experience. Feel free to reach out.