5 Possible Reasons Your Seo Campaign Isn't Working

5 Possible reasons Your SEO Campaign isn't working

The common causes for which companies are taking their SEO strategy with a serious tone. Because a good Search engine strategy increases the amount of traffic significantly, if a brand wants to stay at the top of the search engine result page, they have to follow the SEO updated protocols. 

However, there are plenty of reasons for which your SEO campaign is not working. Here we are going to give you five top reasons for failing your SEO campaigns.

Your website has irrelevant content.

The first reason for your search engine optimization campaign downfall is that you are not putting quality content. That’s why your website is lacking the viewership of your audience. The viewership amount of your audience calculates the traffic of your website. Your target audience will read and share content if they found your content is valuable and worth reading. Quality content engages your audience and reduces the bounce rate. Never put irrelevant content on your website. Please ensure your website is enriched with valuable, informational content that educates your audience about your product, services, and technologies you use in your product and minimize promotional content. As over- promotions may irritate your readers.

Optimized your content with the Yeost-SEO plugin, make your content SEO-friendly with Long-tail keywords, and check the performance at Google analytics. Publish original, plagiarism-free, grammatical-error-free content into your website. Otherwise, your audience starts to abandon your website. It will affect the overall performance of the website and SEO campaigns.

You are not following google algorithm updates.

Not following Google algorithm updates significantly affects your SEO campaign. Google is continuously updating its algorithm. Being a digital marketer or website owner, you need to keep yourself all kinds of Google algorithm updates. The significant changes affect your website’s search performance. So it is imperative to run an SEO campaign according to major google algorithm updates, including Fred, Penguin, Google Panda, Hummingbird.

High bounce rate

High bounce rate makes your SEO campaign unsuccessful; Bounce rate increases due to several reasons, including poor content, website performance issues, website interface issues, increased page loading time increase bounce rate.

People don’t love to waste time on low-performing websites. So, make your website user-friendly. Ensure your audience can browse web pages effortlessly. 

Put catchy content that engages your audience. Make your content lucrative by adding pictures, videos, and infographics. Now the reader is more inclined towards visual content. So, adding visual element increase engagement, consequently, it increases the bounce rate.

Not following updated SEO strategy.

Your SEO campaign is not performing well simply because you may not follow the upgraded SEO strategy. Maybe you are following old SEO protocol. If you observe an outdated SEO strategy, you are making a huge mistake. So, learn updated SEO practice. 

Your SEO campaign is not working maybe because of flat URL structure, reciprocal linking, overstuffing of keywords, exact-match domain, using unpaid links, and article directories. If you are not aware of an updated SEO strategy, take the help of SEO professionals before running an SEO campaign.

Your website may not be mobile-friendly.

People love to visit your website via their phone instead of desktop, laptop, or computer in the smartphone age. So, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you may lose a significant audience. So make your website mobile responsive. The page loading time should be minimum.

There is soo many reasons for failing your SEO campaign not doing well. Here we have mention five inevitable reasons for losing SEO performance. To assure result, we would suggest you take the help of reputed digital marketing company India to leverage the potential of an SEO ad campaign. Here the SEO executives will help you from scratch to run a campaign according to google algorithm and upgraded SEO protocols. It will minimize the probability of campaign failure.