The Growing Trend For Sms Marketing

SMS Marketing is a powerful strategy for sending targeted promotional campaigns that greatly assist in lead generation and sales conversions. Often it provides time-sensitive offers to get the reader to act immediately.


·         Make sure that all the contacts have opted-in for your SMS service

Text messages are excellent and effective like of communication. But everyone should follow certain rules and regulations. The business companies should know that they need to receive permission from their customers before sending them any kind of promotional messages. SMS has a very high open rate, however, if a company sends unsolicited messages to people who do not want them, they will opt-out.

·         Be careful about the timing of SMS messages

When compared to emails which are opened only a few times every day, SMS are opened almost immediately. This makes SMS texting an excellent way to communicate urgent messages. But this does not mean that the companies can abuse this potential by sending messages at odd hours of the night. No one would want to wake up at night at the sound of some message from a company telling them about any offer. Some of the countries even have certain fixed laws which make it illegal to send marketing and promotional messages at night.

·         Always include your company’s name in the SMS messages you send

The companies that send bulk messages to customers usually do it via a shortcode which means that customers would not know about the sender of the message. This makes it absolutely necessary for the SMS marketing company to include their names in the messages.

Why is the technique of SMS marketing successful and effective?

·         Nearly everyone these days has started using a smartphone and remains connected with their phones throughout the day. As a result, the marketing messages are opened almost immediately.

·         SMS engagement rates are very high as compared to emails. A smart SMS marketing company makes use of this factor and sends important notifications including coupons, event information, and special offers via text messages. This results in an increase in more sales at a very low cost with a high return on investment.

·         People who do not use smartphones and mobile data or Wi-Fi can also get access to these SMS marketing text messages. This makes the SMS marketing perfect for emerging companies in underdeveloped areas.


How to Get Started

If you are a company who still has not started using SMS marketing, learn more about the advantages and how to get started at For a very low cost, you can send bulk SMS messages to your customers to stay in touch with them and provide them valuable information and discounts. This can prove to be very useful and beneficial for your company as this can increase customer retention and assist with new customer acquisition.