Yahoo: The World's First And Best Search Engine

Yahoo was a big name once upon a time and it ruled the internet world. But after some time Google and Facebook won the race but Yahoo's story is very special and lovely. This article will tell you the whole story of Yahoo with the good and bad things and will give you information about the yahoo support.

Journey of Yahoo 

Yahoo was made in 1994 two men Jerry Yang and David Filo founded it themselves. The two met at Stanford University and started a new path in the internet world. In its starting days it was called Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web but later it became Yahoo and became everyone's favorite.

Features of Yahoo

Yahoo's mail service was the most popular. It won everyone's heart because of its spam filter and large space. Yahoo Finance had the best information. It was a teacher of the world of stocks, mutual funds, and crypto.

Yahoo's search

Yahoo search engine also earned a lot of fame but after some days Google left it behind and was liked more. Yahoo Answers solved people's questions and Yahoo News gave the latest news every day first.

Yahoo's Benefits

  • Yahoo News' service was the most valuable because It brought the news every day. Yahoo Finance showed the right path to investors with market information that gained everyone's trust.

  • Yahoo was full of entertainment. It brought videos, music, and sports updates every day. Also Yahoo Sports kept sports lovers connected because It brought every sports news first.

Yahoo's Drawbacks

  • Google left Yahoo behind by introducing a new twist to the search engine. Google's speed and accuracy won the race and Yahoo lagged behind in search but is still loved.

  • Yahoo Mail had some problems. A little problem in spam and security. We know that Gmail left Yahoo behind but Yahoo Mail has its own identity, and is still loved.

Yahoo Support

User Support

Yahoo's support is very easy. The help you get through chat, email, and call is excellent. The customer support of Yahoo is always ready and they resolve problems very quickly. 8003057664 is the 24/7 helpline number of Yahoo.

Security and Privacy

Security is the main thing in Yahoo and they  take special care of the privacy of users. They keep information of their users safe with two-factor authentication so that everyone remains happy.

Good things about Yahoo

Helpful for business use

Yahoo Business and Yahoo Finance is Everyone's favorite destination for business information. Yahoo Small Business promoted small enterprises that enhanced business with the right direction and guidance.

Social contribution

Yahoo also participated in social work, stepped up to help in disasters. Yahoo Foundation contributed to education and health and with help of that they played an important role in the development of society.

Miscellaneous services

Yahoo provided miscellaneous services like Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Messenger, and Yahoo Maps. Each service made a mark in its field and always brought something new for the convenience of users.


Yahoo's story is very unique. We can say that it is a mixed pair of success and failure. It was once the king of the internet but now it is a little behind, but still it is unmatched. Yahoo showed us a new world and it is still loved by everyone in many matters. It is true that it is lagging behind Google but Yahoo has its own distinct identity that is loved by everyone. Yahoo's features and services are still important and Its name is still unique in the world of the internet. If the users of Yahoo face any problem then Yahoo Support is always there to help them. It had to face challenges with time but efforts for its revival can make it shine again. Yahoo taught us how success and failure are two sides of the same coin and how every challenge has new opportunities hidden in it.