How To Incorporate Colorbar’s Hydra White Day Creme In Your Skin Care Routine

How To Incorporate Colorbar’s Hydra White Day Creme In Your Skin Care Routine

In the world of skincare, cleansers, moisturisers, and sunscreens are considered the main protagonists, but there is also an unsung hero who does an amazing job of protecting skin from dehydration, sunburn, dark spots, and UV damage: A Day Cream.

People often overlook this product because it's not as well-known or advertised. In this blog, let’s try to give day creams their deserved appreciation. We will also talk about Hydra White Day Creme, and other skin care products by Colorbar Cosmetics, and why everyone must include them in their skin care routine.

Understanding Day Cream

Day cream, as the name suggests, is designed with the purpose of being applied during the day. While night creams are more focused on repairing, day creams are more focused on hydration, sun protection, and antioxidants. In India, the intense heat during the day exposes the skin to impurities, excessive sweat, pollutants, and harsh sunlight, making a day cream an essential part of the skincare routine to safeguard and nourish the skin. You can replace moisturizer in your skin care routine with a day cream.

After buying a day cream, you can follow this sequence in your skin care routine:

1. Cleanser

2. Toner

3. Serum

4. Day Cream

5. Sunscreen

Introducing Hydra White Day Creme by Colorbar

Colorbar’s Hydra White Day Cream is one of the best day creams you will find on the Indian market. It effectively protects the skin against:

● Dark spots

● Dull skin

● Premature aging

● Dryness

● Sunburns

Along with protection, this skin shine cream brightens and refines your skin complexion, giving you a flawlessly radiant look.

Customer Review: “As the name says, Hydra, it really feels like hydrating my skin and staying for long hours. It doesn't have that creamy texture, which is one of the best qualities.” - Kanika

The non-creamy texture is a result of the lightweight formulation, which easily absorbs into the skin without leaving any stickiness. This dermatologically tested product is free from ingredients like:

● Parabens

● Mineral oil

● Silicone

● Sulphates

● Artificial Fragrance.

Create the Best Skin Care Routine with Colorbar’s Hydra Whitening Range

If you ever visit Colorbar’s website, their skin care section has various ranges of products, each with unique features. One such is the Hydra Whitening Range. It includes 7 skin care products:

1. Hydra White Anti-Spot Serum

2. Hydra White Night Cream

3. Hydra White Day Cream

4. Hydra White Toner

5. Hydra White Foam Cleansers

6. Hydra White Day Lotion

7. Hydra White Under Eye Serum

You can use these products in the following sequence:

Hydra White Foam Cleansers

A strong start sets a good foundation for the rest of your routine. Colorbar’s foam cleanser is an ultra-light formulation that gets rid of all the impurities, pollutants, and makeup stuck on the skin. The cleanser blocks the production of melanin, stimulates collagen synthesis, and protects skin from UV damage.

Hydra White Toner

Toner is a second product in your skin care routine. In the process of cleansing impurities and stuck makeup residues, cleansers also tend to strip off natural oils from our skin, making it dry. A toner is used to rehydrate dry skin. The Hydra White toner penetrates deep, purifying the skin from the inside. It also eliminates dark spots and gives the skin a natural radiance.

Hydra White Anti-Spot Serum

Enriched with rejuvenating ingredients like Glycerin, Niacinamide, Glycol and Mulberry Root Extract, the Hydra White Anti-Spot Serum from Colorbar subtracts dull skin, discoloration, sunburns, and melanin production, adding skin glow, freshness, hydration, and a clean complexion. The serum penetrates deep into the skin, hydrating it from within.

Hydra White Under-Eye Serum

The skin around the eyes is slightly more sensitive compared to the rest of our facial skin and may require special treatment. Hydra White Under-Eye Serum blocks dark circles and pigmentation around the eye skin and improves microcirculation in your delicate skin. This product, formulated in Italy, is also free from parabens, fragrances, and mineral oils.

Hydra White Day Creme

Use the Hydra White Day Creme over your serum to lock in all the hydration. You can forego sunscreen because this day cream formulation provides UV and sun protection.

Hydra White Night Creme

 The Hydra White Night Creme by Colorbar repairs and restores the skin throughout the night, making your skin ready to face the new day. Regular usage of this night cream can reverse the effects of sun damage, improve your skin tone, and restore the natural brightness and glow of your skin.


Overall, Colorbar's Hydra White range is a great addition to your skin care routine, providing hydration, protection, and repair for your skin. With their lightweight formulas and beneficial ingredients, these skin care products, whether glowing skin creams, cleansers and toners or serums, can help you achieve a brighter and healthier complexion. Shop Now