How A Tractor Looks Vs. How The Tractor Works: Let’s Finally Settle The Debate

It’s an age-old question. “Do I buy something that just ‘looks good’ or do I invest in something that’ll make more sense in the long term?” A question that’s asked often, especially as far as long-term investments are concerned. Since most consumers are shelling out huge amounts of money with the intent to make said purchase last for at least 5-10 years, it is a very important consideration to make. However, more importantly than debating on the merits of each side of the argument, what people really need is a solution, an answer to what’s literally, a million dollar question.

To begin with, let’s think about this whole scenario with an example. When talking about looks versus usage, the first thing that almost everyone will definitely think of, and maybe even experience first-hand, are cars. The urge to spend on a sports car that offers high speeds and great looks might be a cause for countless selfies, but not always a road trip with your best buddies! On the other hand, there are cars that might not look as sporty or go as fast, but do offer its customers with a stable product with features that are meant to be used on a daily basis. As a result, both consumers and companies are struggling with the beauty vs utility enigma, always trying to strike a balance between the two. A balance between aesthetic and long-term use is something manufacturers across the globe are allocating more and more resources towards both Research and Development and as well as manufacturing. As they work to fulfill the ever increasing demands, and the ever-changing tastes of the end user, year after year. But, what about something that’s much more important, like agriculture. Can consumers face a similar dilemma there, and if so, are companies that manufacture agricultural equipment looking to meet said requirements in a similar fashion as the automotive industry?

To answer this question, one only needs to take a look at Digitrac. Digitrac is a tractor manufacturer that makes some of the tractor models in India. Also, being a part of Escorts Ltd., there is an immense factor of brand trust that its consumers enjoy whenever they purchase Digitrac’s products or avail it’s services. As far as it’s products are concerned, it also provides second-hand tractors for its customers. Be it the power and performance of a 50HP tractor, or even a 60HP tractor, they are all tractors for sale made available by Digitrac. There are also many, many tractor attachments the brand provides to its customers when they come in to purchase their Digitrac tractor.

However, the unique perspective that Digitrac is taking towards the creation of its products is many-fold. Let’s examine just some of the ways it is changing the trend in the agricultural equipment and tractor manufacturing industries for the better:

Offering fully-featured tractors

Digitrac offers its customers with fully-featured tractors. Meaning, that any tractor a customer purchases will have all the features as any other, the only difference being the HP (or Horsepower) that the tractor’s engine generates. As far as the utility for tractors goes, this aspect of their tractor range means that whatever the size of the engine might be, depending on the farmers’ needs, all of them are getting access to all the electronic and implement-oriented features that the tractors have to offer.

Offering multiple range of tractors

Digitrac currently has three models in its range. All of them have the exact same features, the only difference being the engine size. Now this factor alone, can influence each and every day of the farmers’ work in many significant ways. For starters, it would decide the daily time a farmer needs to spend farming. Secondly, it dictates the output quantity, and maybe even quality of the yield at the end of the season. Finally, the fact that a brand is willing to offer multiple tractors to its customers speaks to them as the brand being caring, considerate and dependable in the long-term.

Offering tractors in multiple colours for the first time ever!

Now, let’s talk about the ‘looks’ department. Even though visual appeal and tractors are not two dots one might immediately connect, having the option goes a long way. Since farmers are only getting a choice in engine size when it comes to purchasing a tractor with Digitrac, offering another option, a way to add a level of personalisation for the end user, is a big positive when it comes to creating an impression in the minds of its customers

So, best-in-industry features and the option to customise your own tractor’s aesthetics, what more could a farmer possibly ask for?