General Information About What To Expect From Lasik Surgery Phoenix

LASIK eye surgery is a procedure that promises to enhance the sight of individuals who undergo the procedure. The effectiveness of LASIK eye surgery could depend on the condition of the eye of the patient prior to the procedure. Where they had just slight issues, their eyesight could become very close to perfect again. In other instances, where they have severe eye issues, they should experience an improvement but it won’t be perfect.  Thus, people might still be required to wear contact lens or glasses after the procedure. Phoenix Lasik Eye Surgery is a form of laser surgery. Even though there are risks with the condition, using a facility with good doctors will guarantee you the closest to risk-free procedure that you can get.

What the LASIK Surgeon Phoenix will do during the procedure

Several Top Lasik Surgeons are experienced in carrying out LASIK eye procedure. However, it is vital to do some background research and be sure the facility you are hoping to use in Arizona, Phoenix or other parts of the world have professional and experienced eye surgeon. The overall procedure entails cutting the central part of the eye’s outer parts into a flap. After this is done, laser is shot inside the eye after which the flaps are replaced back to its original position.

Preparation phase

Before starting the procedure, a tool like a retainer would have been applied to ensure your eyelids stay open. Your eyes will be numbed with eye drops that will also act as anti-biotic and help to keep your eye moist. It is after the doctor has finished this procedure that he would now proceed to cutting the flap open for the procedure with the aid of a microkeratome.

During the procedure

It is expected that you should not feel any pain during the procedure as the effects of the numbing drops are expected to ensure this. The worst you should feel is feeling the pressure on your eye. You will notice that your vision will be very blurry when the flap has been cut open. The laser will then be shot into the eye = with the aim of reshaping your eye’s outer surface. You will observe blurs or flashing eyes as well as notice snapping sounds. It is a very fast procedure that will normally take less than a minute or two minutes at the worse. The surgeon will then rewet, smoothen your eye and replace the open flap after the laser surgery is completed. Throughout the procedure, drops will be regularly added by the surgeon to keep you comfortable.

After the procedure

A bandage will be used to cover the eyes that were operated so that it does not get infected and to avoid a cause where you will rub it. This will allow your eye to heal. You would also be advised on when you can start with various tyes of physical activities after the procedure.

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