17 Experience Gift Ideas For Families

By giving the experience gift, the person is assuring to gift more opportunities of growth to the people they care and love the most. While the idea to send flowers in Sharjah can be one great bonus option to make your loved ones realize how precious they are in your life. The gift of pretty flowers, yummy cakes and exotic chocolates can never go wrong in expressing your love and care for that person. While below are some of the amazing experience gift ideas that a person can choose for their family.


  1. Helicopter rides- taking a helicopter ride can be one of the amazing fun experience and thus can help you teach your kid about the aviation, perspective and history.

  2. Nature living skill program- connect with your children, explore the wildlife, experience the little things of life together like learning how to make a fire without the matches.

  3. Cooking classes- share kitchen time, prepare good food and let your children learn and appreciate how efficiently their mom cooks dinner for their kids.

  4. Flowers- wanted to express your feeling but confuse what to say? If yes, then trust my flowers can be your perfect choice. It is believed that where words fail to express emotions, the pretty flowers showcase their magic.

  5. Zoo and botanical garden membership- searching for the best experience Gift Ideas for Families? If yes, then zoo and botanical garden membership can be one great option to choose. Let your kid learn about different animals and their lifestyle.

  6. Waterpark passes- waterpark passes act as the best gift option to let you family have a great time in the hot summer weather. This gift promises to act as one of the most fun and exciting option.

  7. Amusement and attraction tickets- are you a person whose family members love indoor activities? If yes, then gifting and surprising them with amusement and attraction tickets is one finest idea. 

  8. Movie passes- movies passes are claimed as the best idea to opt when its rainy outside but yet you want to go out and enjoy. 

  9. Chocolates- chocolates are the perfect gift to opt to add sweetness in your life. The yummy gift of chocolate promises to fulfil all your sweet cravings.

  10. Cakes- every celebration seems to be incomplete without the addition of yummy cakes. Where offers with the best varieties and flavours to pamper your loved ones on their special day.

  11. Virtual reality game centres- gift your family a trip to virtual reality and learn and appreciate about the amazing technology we have in our generation.

  12. Concert venue subscription- family-friendly concerts are one of the best gift items you can opt for your family. A little music with the perfect lightening can assure to bring the big smiles on your family member’s face.

  13. Community theatre subscriptions- get your family time, bond together, be entertained and support the talented working artists in your city.

  14. Tickets to a sporting event- treat your family with the tickets of your favourite sport. Cheer for your favourite team and enjoy the best phase of your life.

  15. Movie night kit- get the box filled with popcorn, add bags of candy, grab your favourite drink and order your favourite pizza and then undoubtedly you are complete set for your amazing movie night.

  16. Horse riding classes- it is one great idea to opt to build your inner confidence and to encourage the love and care for the animals around you.

  17. Tree and rope climbing adventures- enhance your confidence and grab the amazing opportunity to learn and try new amazing things in your life. 


As, no matter what your age is, you are always ready to explore the best phase of your life. Thus, above are the best 17 Experience Gift Ideas for Families that can help them learn new amazing things in life. Where send flowers in Sharjah are one great idea that acts as a bonus. Treat your loved ones by sending them the pretty flowers at their doorstep.