Meet The Gremsy Pixy U- The Most Versatile And The Best Drone Gremsy Gimbal Ever

Meet the Gremsy Pixy U- The most versatile and the best drone Gremsy gimbal ever

Every photo taken with a shaky hand can result in a terrible outcome. It's essentially like what flying a drone without a gimbal means. Obviously, the odds are against the scheme going ahead, and the pictures you click will incorporate a lot of vibrations and movements. This is why it is suggested to use the best drone gimbal such as the Gremsy Pixy from Air Supply- for taking good quality aerial photographs and videos.

Ever since the Gremsy Pixy U became commercially available to consumers, they have only become increasingly popular for its high-quality build-up and industry-leading features. One of the most exciting and innovative bits of tech to emerge in recent years, the Pixy U provides smooth footage and high-quality results for professional aerial filmmakers, mappers, and surveyors. It also offers a wide range of other commercial and industrial applications, with the capability to support nearly all types of camera designs and different modes for different mission controls. 

Here, in this article, we will discuss the crucial features and benefits of Gremsy Pixy U for commercial and industrial applications.

Gremsy Pixy U: Features and Benefits

For a long period, Gremsy is leading the chart for providing some of the best professional gimbals for the commercial drone industry. Their latest product- Gremsy Pixy U is a big step towards that direction with all of the new and advanced features commercial pilots need. 

At just 465 grams and 18 cm when folded- the Pixy U is an affordable and pocket-friendly gimbal, offering you the most versatile solution ever for commercial applications.Just put it in your pocket and take it wherever you want to use it. The compact, ultra-lightweight, and effortless to use Pixy U stands out from all other gimbals- offering you a wide variety of camera mountings for flexible aerial mission capabilities, thanks to the tilt axis rebuilt of the gimbal. It also features a Hyper-Quick Release system for intuitive and prompt connection under any circumstances.

The Pixy U has an extravagant mapping mode that provides an accurate strategic view. One of the best features of this beautiful gimbal is that it comes with a built-in Bluetooth technology allowing you to use your smart devices and other third-party controllers to operate your Pixy U gimbal with more perfection while it is attached to the drone. It also allows you to mount a camera on top of it with an inverted mode to facilitate safe inspection work; while still capturing every accurate detail.

To Sum Up

Vietnamese technology firm Gremsy is the leader in developing feature-rich and top-quality camera gimbal stabilizers for drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), partnering with Unmanned Systems Technology (UST) to demonstrate their expertise in this field.Acquiring the superior technology of the Pixy series, the Gremsy Pixy U is a 3-axis gimbal that pushes the limits of what experts can achieve with a commercial gimbal. This compact stabilizer (regardless of its modest size and one pound optimized weight) is compatible with a range of cameras for real-time video, aerial survey, inspection, mapping, and so on. Order your Pixy U from Air Supply now!